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6 benefits of taking probiotic foods

As in everything, our health is question of balance and our intestinal flora can easily get out of balance. Stressful situations, hormonal changes or the consumption of antibiotics are just some of the things that can unbalance our microbiota.

probiotics are essential for our digestive system and also favor our health in general. Whether we consume them with food or as a supplement, probiotics help maintain the optimal number of bacteria necessary for our health.

6 reasons to consume probiotics

Although consuming probiotics has a positive impact on our entire bodywe tell you 6 specific benefits obtained by people who regularly include them in their diet.

1. They fight obesity and diabetes

Some studies confirm that the consumption of probiotics can contribute to improve glucose and fat metabolism.

2. They contribute to your emotional well-being

Taking probiotics can help you reduce stress. We already know that the brain and the gut are connected. Consuming the right bacteria can help promote relaxation. They also help prevent anxiety and depression.

3. Probiotics take care of the liver

The liver is a great toxin filter for the body. We depend on it for many of our most basic functions, so it is very important to keep it healthy and cared for.

It is recommended consume soy yogurt daily or any other vegetable yogurt with L. Bulgaricus and Thermophilius, two bacteria that are responsible for transforming milk into yogurt. This helps repair liver damage before it turns into disease.

4. They prevent colds

Children who consume more probiotics tend to have fewer colds and flus and, if they do, have milder and shorter-lasting symptoms.

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5. Probiotics combat the side effects of antibiotics

When we take antibiotics, we often encounter a few unpleasant side effects. While antibiotics fight harmful bacteria, they also destroy the beneficial bacteria that live in our intestines, which can cause intestinal discomfort or an imbalance between the populations of bacteria.

Taking probiotics along with antibiotics protect our natural flora and avoids us the annoying side effects of antibiotics.

6. They relieve irritable bowel

If you regularly have intestinal discomfort, irritable bowel syndrome or abdominal pain, taking probiotics can help you alleviate these symptoms. IBS patients consuming probiotics experience less pain, less bloating and less flatulence

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