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vacuum therapy

THE vacuum therapyalso known as endermotherapyis an aesthetic treatment that consists of sucking the skin through suction cups of different sizes and pressing the skin with small rollers.

This technique provides tissue mobilization that results in greater blood circulation, collaborating with metabolism and collagen production at the site. In addition to these effects, the vacuum therapy also influences stress reduction and stimulates the release of toxins.

Indications for vacuum therapy

treatment with vacuum therapy device It is indicated for facial and body aesthetic purposes, and the regions where the treatment can be done are the abdomen, back, buttocks and legs.

Between the indications of vacuum therapy are at cellulite decreasestretch marks and localized fat, blackhead removal, lymphatic drainage, the attenuation of scars, burns and wrinkles and skin care before and after plastic surgery.

Vacuum therapy is also indicated to assist in traumatology, rheumatology, phlebology, lymphology, dermatological treatments, treatment of edema and stimulation of the lymphatic system.

Contraindications of vacuum therapy

At against indications of vacuum therapy are usually the same as massage therapy. That is, uncontrolled hypertension, tumors, hernias, blood clots, anticoagulant use, hernias, injectable cortisone use, diabetes, kidney disorders, pacemaker use, inflammatory rheumatism, vascular disease, and evolving infectious diseases.

Benefits of vacuum therapy

  • Increased production of collagen and elastin, which improves skin appearance and muscle tone.
  • Improvement in blood circulation, responsible for the conduction and removal of various substances by the body.
  • More active lymphatic system, which helps protect the body against viruses and bacteria.
  • It provides relaxation and well-being, as it is a type of massage.

It is important to consider looking for a specialist and undergoing treatment only if vacuum therapy does not present any risk to your health. Pregnant women, for example, should not undergo vacuum therapy in the first trimester of pregnancy. And suction cannot be done in the umbilical and inguinal region either. Therefore, consult a doctor before starting any aesthetic treatment.

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