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6 benefits of oregano oil

Scientific studies on oregano attribute great therapeutic properties to this plant, especially to one of its components, the essential oil of oregano, widely used in aromatherapy. And it is that this popular aromatic plant can be of great help in the home medicine cabinet, as it can be an effective and healing home remedy. Yes indeed, should be used with great carebecause it is very powerful and has its contraindications and dangers.

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Oregano oil eliminates bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses even if only a few drops are used. Besides, does not cause side effects or potentiate mutations that give rise to resistant pathological strains, as occurs with pharmacological antibiotics.

Oregano oil properties

oregano oil is one of the most powerful and effective natural antiseptic remedies.

The active ingredient that gives it these properties is carvacrola phenol found in the plant in concentrations ranging from 30 to 87 percent.

A high percentage of carvacol obtained by distillation does not imply greater therapeutic effectivenesssince the effectiveness of oregano oil comes from the delicate synergy created by nature and in which other components of oregano intervene.

Pure carvacol is half as effective as natural, unadulterated oil of oregano.

It is attributed fungicidal, antibiotic, antioxidant and immune system stimulant properties.

What is oregano oil used for?

Due to its fungicidal and antibiotic properties, its antioxidant power and its immunostimulant action, oregano oil is a powerful remedy in the medicine cabinet with multiple benefits and that can be useful in any of these uses:

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1. Due to its antibiotic action

Carvacrol, the most potent active ingredient in oregano essential oil, is effective against dangerous methicillin-resistant bacteria (known as MRSA).

Besides stimulates the immune systemso it is ideal for overcoming colds, flu and herpes.

2. For the skin: warts, wounds and infections

A simple foot bath is effective in treating infection with the common athlete’s foot fungus (tinea pedis), according to research from the University of Tokyo (Japan).

Its local application also allows to eliminate warts and prevents the appearance of blisters. It is also anesthetic and accelerates wound healing.

3. For the candida

Oregano is considered one of the best antimicrobial plants to combat candidiasis.

In a test tube, oregano oil was able to eliminate the fungus Candida glabata, resistant to treatment with fluconazole, according to research conducted at the Federal University of Santa Maria (Brazil).

4. As an anti-cancer

Carvacrol from oil of oregano is a antioxidant with anticancer effectespecially in the face of colon cancer. At Harbin University (China) its use as a therapeutic agent is even being studied.

5. For pain and inflammation

Several studies have tested the ability of oregano oil to relieve back pain. bumps, sprains, tendinitis and arthritis. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect: it is especially indicated for inflammation of the gums.

6. To improve the mood

oregano increases dopamine and serotonin activity. Both neurotransmitters are related to positive mood. Its deficiency is a cause of depression.

How to take or apply oregano oil?

Oregano oil is marketed mixed with extra virgin olive oil in the amount of 40% oregano and 60% olive oil.

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This combination is necessary since oregano oil is too strong to consume orally and can cause burns on the skin if applied topically.

How much oregano oil can you take?

The recommended dose of oregano oil varies depending on the pathology and, in case of doubt, it is always a good idea to consult a specialist. It is also essential, as mentioned in the previous section, that it be properly diluted

1 to 3 dropsthree times a day is enough to prevent infectionsstay free of parasites and maintain good health. At the first sign of a virus attack will be taken immediately 3 to 6 drops every hour for 10 hours and then it will be lowered to the maintenance dose.

How is it applied to the skin?

Again, it is important to take the necessary precautions to avoid skin burns when applying oregano oil, properly diluting it as explained above in the “How to take or apply oregano oil” section.

In case of herpes, In addition to taking the diluted oregano oil, it is advisable to apply it directly to the outbreak site two or three times a day.Warts will be treated with a piece of cotton soakedwhich should be left attached to the wart for as long as possible, holding it with a tape.

Oregano Oil Dangers

It is important to know that by eliminating any pathogenic element from the body, toxins in the bloodstream increasewhich cause a sensation of fatigue, skin irritations, etc. It is a sign that the body is detoxifying.

If the mentioned symptoms are very annoying, it is advisable to reduce the consumption of oregano oil, drink water and, once they have disappeared, increase the dose again. Drink 8 to 12 glasses of mineral water a day helps to eliminate them more quickly.

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Regarding your local application, people with sensitive skin it is better to dilute a drop of oregano oil, even if it comes previously diluted, in 3 to 5 drops of chia, almond or olive oil to further reduce its possible irritative effect.

Contact with eyes and mucous membranes should always be avoided.

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