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50 Rap phrases for status that will rock your social networks

With God in the heart, the rest is up to us.

Racionais MC’s

What you want doesn’t always match what the other feels.


If you don’t care, you don’t understand anything.

Flora Matos

Many ask if I’m okay, but few care about the answer.


Never, never be discouraged, it’s up to you.


Striking from the front, the righteous don’t tremble, warriors don’t freeze.

Cruel reality

Hey love, I’m with you regardless of the dog.

1 kilo

Trickery is living like this, without bullshit and without duty, anyway.


Look, another day of yours. What a crazy blue sky, huh!?

Racionais MC’s

It’s not easy being an angel growing up among demons.

Active Expression

Rap is rhythm and poetry, I don’t know what it has to do with playing tricks.


I changed my concept of what is right.

Flora Matos

The worst prison, thief, is that of the mind!


May it be eternal while it lasts, may it last forever.

Stronda tram

Only I know what I went through and what I’m going to have to go through.

Dina Di

No more suffering, say what you have to say.


It’s easy to say, it’s hard to be me, if your star doesn’t shine, you’ll complain to God.


They thought I was defeated, whoever thought was wrong.


Before I even smiled, today I see the glasses full and the people empty.


Where respect is lacking, friendship goes to waste!


The best makeup is a smile on your face.

Periphery Tribe

If restraining is a prison, allowing yourself is the solution.


Any promise is less than fate.


Today I woke up to earn a living.

Clandestine Lock

My quest is for the perfect beat.

Marcelo D2

So cute and so crazy at the same time.


Trickster, it was inevitable that I wouldn’t get involved. She is unbelievable, you had to see it.

Rael da Rima

Just watching the good things that God has given me.


Live, smile, feel peace come. Forget the bad that happened.


I’m tired of clapping for your show.

MV Bill

It’s bad for you, it’s also bad for me, it’s bad for everyone, the game is like that.

Marcelo D2

No one comes to help, I know. But to delay there are a hundred!

Rael da Rima

From so much that I lost the ground, I learned to fly.


A good place is built with humility, it is good to remember!


I didn’t miss any chances, some of them that missed me.


My life is me who sings, our experience who knows is us.

Queer Queer

I want to talk to the sea, hear the wave tell me where I need to go, if I want to meet you.

Flora Matos

Let the eye color trump the skin color. When equality prevails, freedom shines.

Face of death

Predicting the future is also predicting nostalgia.


Life is like that, nothing predictable.

The Rappa

If she’s in another one, if that’s what she wanted. So, partner, let her be happy.


Why do healthy people get sick? Well fed or not, why do they perish? Everything is kept in mind.


Many glories, many crises, many plans. Happy times for a family in a few years.


It’s no use looking to the sky with a lot of faith and little struggle.

Gabriel the thinker

Malandragem for me is being able to work, being able to encourage, and being able to study.

Rappin Hood

National Rap is serious business.


It’s all about positive thinking, you’re the size of your dream, friend.


When the going gets tough, only the tough keep going.

Mano Brown

Violent is love, the rest is just an evil face.


Even Christ felt the taste of betrayal!

Rap inmate

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