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50 party candy recipes that are real temptations

They say that a party that is a party has a good cake and delicious sweets! The latter, by the way, enchant for their variety! Brigadeiro, beijinho, cajuzinho and quindim are probably the best known… Who has never surrendered to them on a birthday, for example?!

But, they are far from the only options! Creativity is much appreciated these days and, therefore, there is no shortage of suggestions for sweets that can be successfully served at an event – ​​be it a child’s or adult’s birthday, a baptism, a baby shower, an engagement or even a wedding.

And what maybe you don’t know – but that’s the best of all! – is that most party sweets can be prepared easily at home, without much secret!

In fact, nowadays, it is not uncommon for people to choose to make their own sweets, either for reasons of economy, or for the desire to participate more actively in the preparations for a special event. And, if you are also part of this “team of people”, you will love the ideas below!


1. Gourmet Brigadeiro: the great difference between a gourmet brigadeiro and a traditional one is the ingredients used. In the gourmet brigadeiro, nobler ingredients are used, such as good chocolate, good condensed milk and a dose of creativity!

2. Nutella Brigadeiro: ideal for those who love sweets and cannot resist the delicious Nutella! If you don’t have chocolate bars, you can use powdered chocolate, but it is not advisable to use chocolate because it can be too sweet.

3. Caramel Brigadeiro: a different version of brigadeiro that will surely delight a lot of people. You will use sugar, butter, condensed milk, fleur de sel and brown sugar to roll.

4. Passion Fruit Brigadeiro: a delicious and easy-to-make sweet. You will only use condensed milk, concentrated passion fruit juice, refined sugar, passion fruit seeds, margarine (to spread on your hands) and paper cups.

5. Lemon Brigadeiro: a delicious, easy dessert that is ready very quickly, in addition to having a great presentation. The ingredients are condensed milk (good quality), Tahiti lemon and straws.

6. White Brigadeiro with green grape: easy recipe, but which results in delicious sweets. You will use condensed milk, butter, pitted green grapes, sugar or powdered milk. The advantage of using grapes, above all, is that the dessert is not so sweet.

7. Brigadeiro de paçoca: a sensational combination of flavors, for a sweet tooth lover, no one can fault it! Good tip for the June and July parties, but, of course, you can do it whenever you feel like it!

8. Cookie Brigadeiro: You will use condensed milk, butter, hazelnut cream, cookies and grated chocolate. All this will guarantee very tasty sweets with a great texture.

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9. Pistachio Brigadeiro: you can buy ready-made pisctahe paste or make your own, as shown in this same recipe. You will also use condensed milk, butter and chocolate. Different sweets and very tasty.

10. Vanilla Brigadeiro: a mix of two delicious desserts. You will need condensed milk, eggs, butter, vanilla bean, pasteurized cream and granulated sugar.

11. Kit Kat Brigadeiro: a delicious recipe, perfect for those who love sweets, and easy to make. You will use, in addition to Kit Kat, butter, condensed milk and Nutella. Good tip for children and adults parties, everyone will love it!

12. Brigadeiro de Leite Ninho and MM’s: the yield is 25 medium brigadeiros. Ideal recipe for those who love to innovate in the kitchen and, of course, love sweets! You will only need condensed milk, powdered milk, chocolate confetti and butter.

Sweets, candies and variations

13. Truffle Cone: You’ll need white chocolate, heavy cream, rum, milk chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, wafer cones, and chocolate sprinkles. Preparation time is approximately one hour.

14. Beijinho: a very traditional sweet, especially at birthday parties. It is popular with both children and adults. And best of all, it’s super easy to prepare.

15. Bala de coco: a version of the gourmet coconut candy that has been a hit on candy tables all over Brazil! It’s an easy recipe that doesn’t even need to be cooked. You will use coconut milk, sugar and cornstarch.

16. Olho de sogra: a delicious candy that is already traditional at birthday parties. You’ll use condensed milk, dry shredded coconut, butter, pitted black plums, eggs and shredded coconut to finish off the sweets.

17. Cocada pudding: gluten-free recipe that yields six servings. You will use condensed milk (with or without lactose), water, eggs, shredded coconut flakes, vanilla or coconut essence.

18. Bicho de pé: also known as strawberry brigadeiro, it’s a great option for parties! And, detail, if you leave it in a softer point, you can even use it as a cake or pie filling.

19. Ninho milk sweetie: if you don’t have great preferences, you can use any brand of powdered milk, it doesn’t necessarily have to be Ninho. This amount of ingredients yields 20 to 30 sweets, depending on the size you roll.

20. Casadinho: at weddings, it is believed that this sweetie symbolizes the union of two different people. In addition, it is a simple sweet to prepare, made with white brigadeiro and black brigadeiro, and very tasty.

spoon candy

19. Mini pudding: condensed milk pudding is a wonderful recipe to prepare at home and also to serve at parties. It’s easy, quick and delicious, everyone will love it! The yield of this recipe is six servings.

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22. Spoon bug: this well-known sweet is also very successful when placed in small bowls to be eaten with a spoon, a good tip for birthdays, engagements, baby showers, etc.! You will use condensed milk, strawberry gelatin and butter.

23. Dutch pie in the cup: a dessert that no one will resist! You will use eggs, milk, sugar, cornstarch, butter, vanilla essence, semisweet chocolate and heavy cream. To decorate, Calypso cookies.

24. Paçoquinha de queijo: easy recipe that doesn’t even go over the fire. It is super creamy and, to make approximately 12 cups, you will only use 10 paçocas (cork) crushed with a fork, 5 spoons of powdered milk and cream.

25. Cocada mole: can also be called coconut cocada. You will use condensed milk, milk, margarine and shredded coconut. Delicious and easy to make, it’s a guaranteed hit at parties!

26. Danoninho: in this homemade danoninho version you will use only four ingredients, which are condensed milk, cream, natural yogurt and strawberry flavored juice powder. You can also vary the flavor of the dessert, preparing it with passion fruit, lemon or grape juice.

27. Passion fruit mousse: it’s a simple recipe, but it always pleases with the right combination of flavors! In little jars, the mousse is great to be served at the most varied parties.

28. Lemon mousse: delicious and easy, lemon mousse also goes very well when placed in small jars and served at parties. You will only use sour cream, condensed milk and lemon juice.

29. Chocolate mousse: practical recipe, it only takes four ingredients. Separate the cream, semi-sweet or milk chocolate, eggs and sugar, and hurry to prepare this delicious candy!

30. Quindim na mug: a microwaveable recipe, practical, quick, that is, perfect for the daily rush. You will use shredded coconut, coconut milk, sugar, eggs, unsalted margarine and vanilla essence.

Cakes, cookies and pies

31. Macarons: with their crunchy crust and creamy filling, these “colorful balls” are very successful in the most varied events, including weddings. The preparation is not the simplest, but it is also not a “seven-headed animal”, that is, it is worth making your macarons!

32. Alfajor: made with dulce de leche, this Argentine sweetie is a big hit around here. Best of all, you can prepare it in a simple way, the “Brazilian way”. In this version, for example, with a cookie, he even got a toothpick and is like an idea to serve on a children’s birthday.

33. Italian straw: just like cupcakes, gourmet brigadiers and cakes in the pot, Italian straw can be served at a special event, or even, it can be made for sale, with a guarantee of success!

34. Lemon tart: to make the dough you will use wheat flour, cold butter, sugar, salt, baking powder, egg and milk. The cream is made with condensed milk and lemon juice.

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35. Honey bread: a honey bread that is a guarantee of success, whether to taste at home with the family, or to gift, sell or offer at a party. You can make it with dark or white chocolate. Here’s the tip!

36. Cake pop: these are delicious cakes on a stick. They are beautiful and tasty, being a good tip to serve at children’s parties, although they also please adults! If you’ve never made it, it’s worth learning the recipe!

37. Petit Gateau: A very successful dessert. The petit is nothing more than a cupcake, with a crispy crust and a creamy interior. It’s so delicious, it seems to be super difficult to make, but with this recipe you’ll want to risk making it today!

38. Brownie: the right recipe for anyone who loves chocolate (and isn’t on a diet)! You will use all-purpose flour, caster sugar, unsalted butter, chopped chocolate, cocoa powder, vanilla essence, baking soda, and eggs.

39. Cookies: Chocolate chip cookies are a quick and easy cookie to make. Any chocolate cookie will work, but there are a few secrets to making it perfect; and you can find all this here in this smart recipe!

Sweets adapted to restrictions

40. Cookie fit of oatmeal and chocolate chips: diet version that uses sweetener for the oven and stove, but, if you want, you can use brown sugar. You will use eggs, peanut butter, oatmeal, rolled oats, coconut oil, oat bran, flaxseed and dark chocolate chips.

41. Brownie without milk and egg: vegan recipe, which basically takes semisweet chocolate, wheat flour, yeast, cocoa powder, crystal sugar, almond milk, Brazil nuts, oil, vanilla essence and salt.

42. Gluten-free chocolate mousse: With so many low-calorie, gluten-free ingredients, some traditional recipes are getting renewed without losing their flavor. And this is exactly the case with this chocolate mousse, which is easy to make and delicious!

43. Fit and lactose-free passion fruit mousse: a classic Brazilian dessert but in a healthier version. You will use cashew nuts, coconut water, green banana biomass, passion fruit, stevia or honey or demerara.

44. Banana tartlet with hazelnut cream: it looks amazing and best of all it’s super healthy, allowed within a balanced diet! Is it worth learning how to make and, who knows, serve at your next party?!

45. Gluten-free and lactose-free strawberry shortcake: ideal for those who don’t want to “escape too much” from their diet, for those who are intolerant or even for those looking for a lighter dessert. Besides the taste, the presentation is great!

46. ​​Candied peanuts: also known as praline. You will use raw peanuts,…

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