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50 love quotes for girlfriend that will make her love you more

How lucky for me to have found the most amazing woman in the world to call my girlfriend.

I need you, your love and your company to feel happier.

I am completely in love with your details and everything that makes you unique.

I’d be looking at you all day, because you’re the most beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen.

My heart still hasn’t gotten used to you. Every time you get close, he bounces on my chest.

I make plans and include you in all of them because I want you in my life forever.

There is no life if you are not by my side. That’s why I always want to have you with me.

You are the reason for my joy, for my peace and for life to have the most vivid colors.

Your gaze penetrates my soul and reveals the best of me, which is the love I feel for you.

I want you so much that sometimes it seems impossible to love someone that intensely.

I want to love you the way you are, with all your baggage, and I want to witness all your changes.

I can’t imagine another reality in which you don’t exist because you are the one who gives meaning to my life.

Because of you, I am a happier person, more enthusiastic about life and with more love in my heart.

Your smile lights up all the good in me. I can’t say enough how beautiful he is.

Every day that passes, I am more of the size of my luck to date the most amazing woman in the world.

We are the perfect match, the couple that complements each other and was born to be together.

I love admiring you and telling you that you’re too good to be just human.

She is a princess who has the gift of making happiness bloom in everything she touches.

My heart is completely yours and I’m still more in love with you by the second.

My girlfriend is my everything, the best part of me and who makes me the happiest.

My heart is yours and I know you take good care of it. Love you my love.

I thought I was happy alone, but when I gained your company, I realized that happiness becomes even more beautiful by your side.

Even the act of doing absolutely nothing becomes more special because you are with me.

I like to live special things with you and I also like to make the routine something more special because it is with you.

I am yours and you are my world. We are better together and our destiny is happiness.

Life is always chaos, but you came to show me that when we have love, we have peace.

It awakened in me the will to live forever as long as I’m by your side.

Watching you being happy is what fills my heart with peace, even more when I know the reason is me.

You shook my life, took everything out of place to fix it in a way that would really make me happy.

If you’re with me, the rest doesn’t matter anymore. I will be happy just having your love.

You arrived when I didn’t even know if I would find love anymore and you proved that the wait was worth it.

I keep falling in love with you and it’s always for something new. You reinvent yourself every day, my love.

If I don’t feel sad anymore, it’s because you restored happiness in my heart.

For us, destiny holds only love, joy and a paradise for two.

If love is fantasy, I find myself lately in the middle of Carnival.


Wherever you go, I want to be your partner.

Elis Regina

I want to think about the future by your side, but I want to enjoy the present too, because every moment with you fills me with peace.

Not even the most expensive work of art comes close to my girlfriend’s beauty.

What was missing I found in you…


When I close my eyes, I see you and I feel lucky to be dating the most beautiful woman in the world.

Airplane without wing, bonfire without embers, that’s me without you. Football without the ball, Tweety without Frajola, that’s me without you.

Claudinho and Cheek

You are the life of my life.


My greatest joy in being alive is being able to kiss you, hug you, feel you and love you.

It is you who fills the empty life, sends away the agony and who brought peace to the heart.

Jorge e Mateus

Because I love you and I can’t see myself without being your love for years.

Ana Vitoria

I get anxious just imagining the life we’re going to build together. She will be the way we dream.

You are beautiful just the way you are.

Bruno Mars

I’ve been thinking about you, I fall more in love every day. I get lost in time just thinking about your face.


I saw it was love when I found you in me and lost myself in you.


Your loyalty and complicity made my life the peace I always sought.

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