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45 times a total black look went way beyond the “basic little black”

It is true to say that black is a versatile tone, which, in addition to being classic, is the right option for those who do not want to make a mistake when creating a look. But to say that color is basic might sound half-true. Within its simplicity, there are infinite options to create a creative and unusual production, especially when all the pieces follow the same total black proposal.

The most practical and functional solution is to add elements that offer dynamism between the monochromatic pieces, within your style. And this can be done with the help of textures, different cuts, impactful fabrics and accessories or highlighted shoes. Everything will also depend on the proposal you want to present.

Another important point to take into account is the occasion for which you will dress. If the dress code requires something more formal, you have the option of building a look that offers a current result, such as dresses that emphasize curves, or if you want to dare, invest in sparkles, embroidery and refined accessories. But, if the composition is for everyday life, don’t hesitate to put your creativity to work, because anything goes: prints, applications, overlays and even a very casual transparency.

To understand how easy it is to add the aforementioned tricks, check out the following list with some amazing inspirations that turned black into a not-so-basic color:

1. Total black looks don’t necessarily have to be basic

Jumpsuit + boot + black accessories can compose a stylish look.

2. And in this case, textures make all the difference

Drapes, volumes, cuts, mix of fabrics… All this can help to boost a monochromatic look.

3. You can bet on black pieces with details in another color

This floral print, for example, guarantees all the charm of the look.

4. Or combine the black with the shine of the accessories

Gold was the chosen one in this look, but it’s worth silver, copper or any other gemstone.

5. Bold cuts are essential for those who want to enhance the look

Like this mermaid model, which values ​​curves with elegance and sophistication.

6. Total black can be much more than the famous “no mistake”

Especially when used in striking fabrics, such as leather, giving a super rock’n roll look to the production.

7. It makes any winter look a blast

The color is a classic of the colder season and brings a lot of sophistication, especially when combined with a beautiful bootie and a trench coat or overcoat.

8. And it brings a refined touch to summer productions

The romper with lace sleeves and a belt is romantic and light, ideal for social occasions on warmer days.

9. The highlight can be on the feet

As in this composition, in which the light gray boot made all the difference.

10. And also in transparency, if the idea is to dare

Here the long-sleeved blouse with the lingerie on display was used to bring a sensual effect to the look, and the high-waisted pants brought balance to the composition.

11. Or invest in a stylish overlay

Nothing that a midi skirt and a crop top under a delicate tulle can’t solve.

12. The nothing-basic little black dress can also be quite comfortable

Plush coat with leggings and boots is the dream wedding to stay warm and elegant!

13. And squandering delicacy and elegance without much effort

The romantic air of the lace was further enhanced with the addition of pearly accessories.

14. Showing a little skin will never hurt anyone

See how the one-shoulder cutout created an interesting effect on the bell-bottom jumpsuit.

15. In this image, the bag brought more lightness

Its light color broke the total black.

16. And versatile

The monochromatic composition made knitting and leather a perfect match.

17. Old school prints give a playful effect to the piece

And with a total black look, you’ll maintain discretion, even if the piece is flashy.

18. Unusual records help break the simplicity

And a beautiful gypsy blouse knows how to do that with excellence.

19. Like slits and necklines

All you need to do is make the jump to be even more diva!

20. With all black it is also possible to create a hi-lo composition

A miniskirt and tank top with a fitted blazer and oxford shoes do the trick.

21. Or something very modern and futuristic

The leather dress with fur, in addition to enhancing the curves, is perfect for that fancy party.

22. Finally, black is undoubtedly one of the most elegant colors in the palette

After all, we are talking about a democratic tone, full of possibilities.

23. While in this photo, the volume of the dress was the big highlight

It in itself already makes the look something totally innovative.

24. The combination can be ideal for a day trip

Especially if you wear a light shirt and comfortable running shoes.

25. And also for social events at night

See how the slit accentuated the curves even more in this mermaid-cut dress.

26. Black can also make your look very fresh and laid-back

The tractor platform sandal was super evident when combined with the pantacourt pants.

27. As well as very sensual and sophisticated

Transparency with a hint of shine: the perfect spice for a seductive look.

28. Especially if it’s too shiny

The themed handbag made the composition more fun and casual.

29. The monochromatic proposal follows both the fashionista line

And it looks even prettier with a pleated skirt and layered plush jacket.

30. As the contemporary

Flats are not only a comfortable element, they can also be very graceful and refined.

31. Casual with a touch of elaboration

The gladiator sandal drew all the attention to you.

32. And the handbag is the best friend of ruffled sleeves

Thus, the harmony between the pieces is guaranteed without any conflict.

33. With a statement, there is no error

And the statement of the moment in this look is certainly this incredible maxi necklace!

34. How can you not love the sheer dress overlaying a complete look?

And still a stripped jacket on top of all that?

35. The effect a hat can give is ravishing

And it’s proof that a single accessory can completely change the look.

36. And that handpicked makeup also influences the final result

All it took was enhanced eyes and a pretty dark lipstick!

37. The last thing this combo is, is basic

The fringe boot was a hit matching the leather pants.

38. Destroyed pants have a very urban feel

And the belt contributed to make the costume lighter and neater.

39. While the short boots add more personality to the composition

They were the ones who left the shorts with the strapless blouse out of the ordinary.

40. How about betting on a different piece?

Like the longline in this image, which combined with the mule heeled shoe and hat, created a very clean and modern look.

41. Or in a minimalist jump to give another face to the costume?

And voila! We no longer have just a basic blouse with shredded shorts!

42. Mixing social pieces with basics is also good, see?

And with tortoiseshell glasses and a bun, it couldn’t be more perfect!

43. And enhance the silhouette with a flare too

The defined waist and the wider hem of the pants create an elongating and curvilinear effect.

44. A half disco, half seventies style

You can’t help but fall in love with this little jumpsuit with silver rhinestones embroidered as if they were stripes.

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to create a respectable total black look, it’s worth taking that look at your closet to study what possibilities are within your reach. After all, we are talking about a combination that goes well in any season of the year, without restrictions.

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