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45 good afternoon phrases with affection – Chapéus – Blog

After the challenges and pleasures of the morning, it’s time to welcome the new moment of the day with high spirits and hope. To the good afternoon phrases with affection They are a way to spread focus, gratitude, faith, strength and determination. We selected 45 options, which can enhance messages, cards and publications on social media!

How to say a good afternoon with affection?

What do you think about stopping for a few moments to reflect? Close your eyes and remember moments with your special person. What did you feel? Now, analyze what energies you would like to send her. Try to turn all of this into a positive message. It’s also worth getting inspired by our list of good afternoon phrases with affection:

1 – I wish all the best happens for you this afternoon!

2 – Sincere smiles, kind words and a light heart. That’s what I wish for your afternoon!

3 – May this afternoon’s sun shine through your window and warm your heart!

Option of good afternoon phrases with affection (Photo: Pixabay)

4 – May the winds of this afternoon blow in your direction, carrying only good thoughts and lots of positive energy.

5 – I came to bring my affection, my hug and my wish for a great afternoon.

6 – I wish you a very affectionate and love-filled afternoon!

7 – The day still holds beautiful surprises for you. Have a great afternoon!

8 – There’s still time to do a lot of things this afternoon. How about loving, smiling and playing?

9 – This afternoon, keep in mind that every moment counts and only happiness is worth it!

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10 – Good afternoon! Following your heart is the secret to everything going well.

11 – On this afternoon illuminated by the gift of life, love and friendship, let us inspire hope and exhale joy.

Good afternoon phrases with affection for someone special

12 – May your afternoon be as beautiful and illuminated as your soul!

13 – Looking at this beautiful sunset, I remembered you!

14 – I think of you and a silly smile appears on my face in the middle of my day. Good afternoon my love!

15 – Do you know why the sunset reminds me of you? Because he is beautiful, he lights up my heart and fills me with emotion.

Good afternoon message with affection for WhatsApp

16 – I came by to wish you a good afternoon with lots of affection and love.

17 – This afternoon, open the window and allow life to show its colors.

18 – May each hour bring the certainty that everything is going as it should. Good afternoon!

Option of good afternoon phrases with affection (Photo: Pixabay)

19 – Life is magical. Make the most of every moment. Good afternoon with love!

20 – Until night falls, there is still a lot to live. Good afternoon to you!

21 – May your afternoon be illuminated by the bright rays of friendship, love, peace and hope.

22 – A good afternoon full of affection is what I wish for you!

23 – Be light and take it easy. Good afternoon!

24 – Live intensely every second of your day. Good afternoon!

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25 – When all are promises, be attitude. Enjoy your afternoon!

26 – May your afternoon be as beautiful as a sunset on the beach and as pleasant as the smell of the sea.

Good afternoon and faith message

27 – Good afternoon! Live every second with the certainty that God is watching over you.

28 – The stronger your trials, the greater your victories. Believe in God’s love and keep fighting. Good afternoon!

29 – Keep God in your heart and have a good afternoon!

30 – Now it’s time to let God enter your heart and help you get rid of any fear, anguish, worry or bad feelings. Good afternoon!

31 – May we see the world through the eyes of faith and face every difficulty as an opportunity to be better people. Good afternoon!

32 – May you enjoy this afternoon and be sure to thank God for another beautiful day.

33 – May your afternoon be blessed by the grace of our Lord!

34 – Don’t forget to take a minute this afternoon to thank God for everything that surrounds you!

35 – May God be in your heart and guide your steps at all times. Good afternoon!

Good afternoon reflection phrases?

36 – How about we start this afternoon with a positive thought and the certainty that everything will be fine?

37 – Don’t regret the bad morning and take advantage of this afternoon to change your energy.

38 – A delicacy clothes the entire soul with peace. Good afternoon!

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39 – The secret is not to chase the butterflies, but to take care of the garden so that they come to you. Take good care of yourself this afternoon!

Option of good afternoon phrases with affection (Photo: Pixabay)

40 – Put a smile on your face and pursue your goals. Have a good afternoon!

41 – Look ahead and try to see what is yet to come.

42 – Forget the frustrations and regrets, and feel the joy and beauty of the privilege that is living.

43 – In peace and tranquility we can find happiness. Live well this afternoon!

44 – Don’t let this afternoon go unnoticed. Live in the present moment!

45 – If you never try, you will never know what you are capable of. Good afternoon!

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