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40 phrases of thanks for the day to celebrate life

Thank you for another day that begins with peace, health and joy in the heart. Good Morning!

Happy to be alive here and now. I couldn’t be anywhere else. Thank you life!

Goodnight! Thank you for the day I had and may God continue to bless me.

God, thanks for another day!

Thank you for life, for the day and for everything I have today! It gives me strength to fight for a better tomorrow.

God, thank you for another day, for the achievements and deliverances!

Never let the day end without thanking you for everything you have today!

Always running after my dreams, but never forgetting to thank you for what I already have today!

Have gratitude, because the best gift from God you have ever won. Being alive is the biggest reason to be thankful!

Living is good, but living with gratitude is a gift!

The beauty of life is more in our eyes than in the goods we possess. Thanks for the day!

Every morning, every waking up, I thank God for the opportunity to live another day.

Thank you, God, for everything you will do for me today!

Good morning Life! Thank you for another dawn and another new day full of opportunities ahead.

Try a little gratitude every morning and notice the change in your heart.

Gratitude is recognizing that every day lived is a gift!

The simplest way to smile is to give thanks for the good things you already have in your life.

Thank you, God, for another day lived and blessed!

Dream, live and thank every day.

I thank you for life, for the day and even for what I asked for and didn’t receive. Everything happens at the right time!

Maybe today wasn’t the best day, but you still won, thank you.

The late afternoon reminds me to thank the universe for life and the beauty of the days.

Today I thank you for the endless blessings, for receiving much more than I ask for and for living the days with joy!

Every day I only have reasons to be grateful. For the day, for the opportunities and for never getting discouraged!

One day I asked for everything I have today. Gratitude, for the glory days have arrived!

When I think of all the blessings of today, I close my eyes and give deep gratitude.

Thank you, my God, for everything! Mainly for not leaving me alone on any day.

Not every day will be good, but every day is a day to give thanks!

Happiness appears when we learn to observe the good in each day. Thanks for today!

Gratitude, Lord! For the day that ends, for the night that comes, for the rest it allows me.

Gratitude for the day lived. Hope for the next day.

Good Morning! Thank you, God, for one more day. It’s all worked out!

The light of a new day invaded my heart and I decided to say thank you. Thank you, life, for this fresh start!

Have you ever thanked for life and for today?

Thanks for the day! After all, I’m alive, I have a home, family and everything I need to be happy.

Thank you for the blessing of another day!

Today was better than yesterday and tomorrow will be even better. Gratitude for the day gone!

For today: complain less and thank you more!

Gratitude is a matter of perception. The attentive senses always find something good in each day to be thankful for.

Nothing like one day after another for us to recover and believe that life is worth it. Gratitude!

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