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23 Facts of the World That Knowing Will Make You a Scholar

The shaved head as an ideal of female beauty, the panda is not a bear but a raccoon, and cats have exclusive special rights in one of the religions. And this is not all that we have prepared for you today, because there are so many interesting and unusual things in the world that we can learn something new every day.

O awesome.club offers a new collection of interesting things about the world that will leave you speechless.

In 1500 BC, a shaved head was considered the ideal of female beauty.

Egyptian beauties removed all hair with special golden tweezers and polished the skin with special napkins to make it shine. Then a wig of sheep or plant wool was put on the head. Sometimes, to create more volume, several wigs were placed one on top of the other.

Every day the Earth increases its weight by 60 tons

According to scientists, the weight of cosmic dust and other bodies that fall to Earth every day ranges from 0.4 to 110 tons. On average, there are 60 tons per day.

The first alarm clock could sound only at 4:00 am

The first alarm clock was invented by Levi Hutchins in 1787. But he designed it for his own needs so that the device would wake him up at exactly 4 am.

Hollywood’s best-paying job is screenwriting, not acting

Working a few weeks on a script, you can earn $500,000. If you’ve always dreamed of working in Hollywood, but not as an actor, then you should learn to write screenplays.

The word “camel” comes from the word “beauty”

In Arabic, the words “camel” (jámal) and “beauty” (jamál) have the same root.

In just 79 days, an Englishman cycled around the world

January 31, 1865: the birth of Russian vodka

Of course, this alcoholic drink appeared much earlier, but the official birth was on January 31, 1865. It was on this day that Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleyev defended his famous doctoral thesis “On the combination of alcohol and water” in St. Petersburg.

Horses can sleep standing up, but they can only dream lying down.

The same applies to cows, giraffes, camels, zebras and many other similar animals. As long as you are standing, you are not sleeping, you are simply asleep, so you are not dreaming of anything. For a deep sleep they need to lie down.

Einstein didn’t wear socks

Einstein himself gave 2 answers about wearing socks:

“When I was little, I realized that the big toe always ends up putting a hole in the sock, so I stopped wearing them.” “Why wear socks and shoes if only one is enough?”

The sum of points on opposite faces of a die is always 7

All because, in the old days, seven was considered a magical number, and throwing a dice was like a ritual that allowed you to know your destiny.

The panda may not be a bear, but a raccoon

For one thing, pandas look like bears. On the other hand, their color, lifestyle and the fact that they don’t fall into hibernation during the winter suggest that they are a type of raccoon. Scientists are still arguing about whether the mammal belongs to the bear family; most of them support the second version, but according to the classification, the panda is still considered a bear.

Women spend 10 years of their life putting on makeup

Alcohol protects against radiation

This sounds like the beginning of a joke, but during the experiment, Japanese scientists showed that beer and other alcoholic beverages can protect against radiation. Half a liter of light beer is enough to reduce radiation damage by 34%.

In New Zealand predatory kea parrots hunt sheep

These birds are very intelligent, curious and playful and have become accustomed to humans. They like to wallow in the snow and bathe in puddles. But this is a typical case where appearances are deceiving.

Keas feed on carrion and prey on live sheep. They land near the victim, then suddenly jump on their back and peck at pieces of subcutaneous fat. Often the result of such an attack is extremely sad for the sheep.

The smell of banana helps to lose weight

That’s what nutritionists say. Among the aromas that contribute to weight loss are those of peaches and apples. It’s never too late to prepare your body for summer. That is, start by smelling the bananas!

If Barbie were a real woman, her proportions would be 91-45-84

The length of its legs would be more than half the length of its entire body, and its neck would be twice as long as the average human neck. Such measures would be very unnatural for a person.

The 39th US President Jimmy Carter once took his jacket to the dry cleaners and, carelessly, left a note with the codes for launching nuclear missiles in his pocket.

Fortunately for everyone, it was found in the bowels of a washing machine. But it was stressful for everyone.

It costs 30,000 euros a night with the most expensive call girl in the world

They paid $22,500 for a “Titanic” cookie

Anatidaephobia is the irrational fear that somewhere in the world there is a duck watching you.

People with anatidaephobia are afraid of ducks, they think that one of them is definitely watching us. Whatever we do, wherever we are, the duck is on everything.

Our body contains up to 0.2 mg of gold

The body of an adult person contains an average of 0.2 mg of gold. Half of that amount is in the bones and the other half in the blood and internal organs. A higher gold content accumulates in the liver, kidneys, spleen and hypothalamus. The quality of the metal corresponds to a sample of 14 carats.

That is, to gather 1 kg of gold, it would take about 5 million people. Now that you know the fact, you will have to learn to live with it.

In western China, it is customary to drink salted tea.

For example, in Tibet tea is served with yak milk and salt. It is a tonic drink that protects the body from dehydration and is able to instantly revitalize it. To be honest, one has to admit that a Westerner will find the taste unpleasant.

The cat is the only animal that can be in the mosque

According to legend, the prophet Mohammed loved his cat so much that he never dared wake him up, and he used to use the water he drank to wash himself before prayer. The cat also liked to sleep on her lap during sermons. Once, the cat fell asleep in the tunic sleeve at the time of morning prayer. Without thinking twice, Mohammed cut off his sleeve so as not to disturb the cat and got dressed.

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