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18 Netizens Who Have Revamped Over The Years And Are Much Happier Now

Adolescence is often a very difficult and troubled phase in many people’s lives. Growing up, we can experience skin problems, unusual haircuts and even questionable style choices. So it’s hard to imagine, when looking at teenagers, what they will look like in adulthood.

We, from awesome.club, we were curious to see the transformation of certain people over time and we couldn’t help but share our findings with you. Follow!

“I stopped straightening my hair. Now, I am often told that I look like Keanu Reeves.”

“Two years have passed, and today I like the way I look much more”

From an ordinary teenager to a movie star

“Since I was 16 I lost more than 30 kg”

“I feel like an eternity has passed”

Only the eyes prove that it is the same person

“The old photos make me laugh a lot”

“What was I thinking when I dressed like this at 13?!”

“In recent years, I stopped thinning my eyebrows, started doing sports, taking better care of my skin and cutting my hair too. I have never felt so good as I do now”

“At 15, I weighed a lot more than I do today. And I didn’t know how to take care of my hair either.”

You take off the braces, change the style a bit and, voilà, this is the result!

She grew up and became a true princess. Even the eyes are glowing!

It’s only been four years, but the change is drastic.

10 years difference between photos

“Today I am a confident person”

“I’m still far from my ideal, but I got much better”

“The question is not just how much my appearance has changed. It’s also about having self-confidence and a willingness to try new things.”

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“At 21, I became this person. Dreams really do come true”

What was the transformation that caught your attention the most? And have you ever gone through any drastic changes in appearance? Share your before and after photos with us!

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