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20+ Quotes by Renato Russo about the reality of life and love

Renato Manfredini Júnior nicknamed himself – inspired by the Englishman Bertrand Russell and the French Jean-Jacques Rosseau and Henri Rosseau –, Renato Russo. Celebrated as one of the main names of national rock, he marked his name in the history of Brazilian Popular Music in the bands Aborto Elétrico, Legião Urbana and also in his solo career.

O awesome.club, admired by the big issues he worked with, such as social criticism, love and life, decided to gather some of his main lines here. Check it out!

1. When you learn to love the world becomes yours.

2. People judge appearance, but forget that the evil of society is people without character.

3. Who has suffered for love? he asked the audience during a show.

“Euuu”, “Yessss”, they replied.

I came to the conclusion that: if love is true, there is no suffering.

4. I want to have someone to talk to. Someone who then doesn’t use what I said against me…

5. Never let anyone tell you that your dream isn’t worth believing. Or that your plans will never work out, or that you will never be someone…

6. Friendship is when you find a person who looks in the same direction as you, shares life with you and respects you for who you are!

7. Never, never, never let someone tell you that what you believe is bullshit, that suddenly your dream won’t work…

9. When you learn to love, the world becomes yours.

10🇧🇷 I don’t speak because I want to save someone. I speak because I like. Who am I to save anyone? I have to save myself!

11. I want respect and always have someone who understands me and always stays by my side.

12. If passion really were a balm, the world wouldn’t seem so wrong.
I give you affection, respect and a caress but understand, I’m not in love.

13. When all is lost, there is always a way.

14. I could be the nicest person in the world, but I chose to be myself.

15. If there’s one thing I regret, it’s trusting some people.

16. Sometimes it seems that things are so difficult that the only desire we have is to disappear.

17. The little details are always the most important.

18. The evil of society is people without character.

19. Humanity is inhuman. But we still have a chance, the sun rises for everyone, just don’t know who doesn’t want to.

20. When everything seems to go wrong, good things happen that wouldn’t have happened if everything had gone right.

21. When all is lost, there is always a way. When all is lost, there is always a light.

22. My love, discipline is freedom. Compassion is strength. To be kind is to have courage.

23. I am just somebody. Or even anyone. Maybe someone invisible who admires her from a distance without the slightest hope.

24. Love is good, it doesn’t want evil, it doesn’t envy or flatter itself.

Renato created a brilliant ability to decipher the emotions and restlessness of young Brazilians of more than one generation. His audience, at the time, was not made up of nostalgic thirties and forties, but teenagers who would like to know how to talk about love and its issues, just like he did.

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In October 1996, unfortunately, Renato died, a victim of pulmonary and renal complications, leaving eternal homesickness even in those who could not meet him.

But through his songs and phrases, he somehow can still be among us.

So what did you think of our build? Tell us here in the comments what your favorite quote is and what song no one can miss 🤗

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