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20 Pets Who Don’t Know Their Size

Anyone who has pets knows that no matter their age or size, they will always be our big babies. It turns out that some animals actually get into this fantasy and refuse to accept that they’ve grown up. And nothing is cuter and funnier than seeing a huge dog sitting on someone’s lap, as if it were a small lap dog!

we, from awesome.clubwe are passionate about animals and today we bring you some images of dogs and cats whose size is just not as big as their cuteness.

1. “He doesn’t stop growing. Help!”

2. “Once a lap dog, always a lap dog”

3. “I would like some coffee, please”

4. “The big boy Aragorn and my father!”

5. “My 36 kg malamute still likes to be held”

6. Samson next to a “normal” cat (as a reference)

7. “She really believes she’s a lap dog…”

8. “My dad and his maine coon, Buba!”

9. “This is Maynard. He is my best friend”

10. “My friend’s cat is almost his height. Meet Zach and Marty”

11. “Human, this couch is too small”

12. “He decided to identify himself as a lap dog”

13. “I saw a giant at the vet. She was cute and sat there waiting with her owner.”

14. “It was pet-to-work day. Meet our 58 kg lap dog”

15. “My dog ​​and my dad (my dad is 1.88m tall)”

16. He just wants some affection

17. He’s starting to realize he’s not a lap dog anymore

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18. “My Best Friend and Me”

19. “My grandma came to visit and my dog ​​thinks it’s a lap dog”

20. “Meet Carl, my good 68 kg boy!”

Do you have or know someone who has a huge pet? Be sure to share a photo in the comments!

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