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20 original and creative ways to use pool floats

Polyethylene foam pool floats (known by many as noodles) are useful for learning to swim, exercising in the water and, of course, playing. But their uses do not stop there, as they are cheap, flexible, soft, light and colorful, and can easily adapt to different situations: they serve as protection against bumps, decorative objects and toys, among other possibilities.

O awesome.club collected some of the most creative ways that various users have found to use these floats. Check it out!

1. Keep the top of the boots up, preventing them from being damaged

2. Convenient and practical tablet holder

3. Teach children to combine vowels (orange) and consonants (green)

4. Support for brushes

5. Cacti are beautiful, even the ones made with floats

6. A hose, floats and some holes can help you make a very useful watering can

7. Colorful horses for the little ones to play with

8. Corner and edge protectors for children

9. Colored guides to keep plants straight

10. Decorating the doors for Christmas (wreath)

11. A comfortable and waterproof outdoor chair

12. Cup holders to use in the pool

13. A cute rainbow to decorate a room

14. A small raft for the pets

15. A lollipop to decorate or use as a costume

16. An orthopedic pet collar

17. Modern art pieces

18. An indicative float to avoid accidents with cyclists

19. Ask for dog training

20. A laser sword for a costume or as a keepsake

Which idea for using these floats did you find the most creative? Do you know of any other uses to add to the list? Share your thoughts with us and other readers in the comments section.

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