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20 looks with a loose dress and tips for beautiful models to buy

Nothing more pleasant than spending the day in a loose dress, right? The current season is already revealing the heat, and we couldn’t help but bring you several ideas of this dress model. Check out tips on where to buy and how to combine this unique piece so loved by us women.

10 loose dress to buy and enjoy the season

No ideas on what your perfect loose dress would look like? Don’t worry! Below, you’ll find 10 different tips to get inspired by the model you’re looking for. Who knows, he’s already here just waiting for you to find him? Come and see!

1. Want flashy colors? This tropical cheetah is everything!

2. And if you can’t decide a single color, there’s the tricolor

3. Lightweight fabrics are also great for the loose dress

4. What about classic white? Must have in the closet!

5. Embroidery has a special and elegant touch

6. What if, in addition to comfort, your dress had sustainable fabric?

7. The model with a tie around the neck makes you very sophisticated

8. And the midi with straps is full of charm

9. Do you prefer more basic models? Then this one is for you!

10. And of course we love a floral print, right?

Did you like the varieties? This model has many options with different styles, for the most diverse personal tastes. And no matter which one is your favorite, we are sure they will all look beautiful on you. Ready for more inspirations? Check out 20 amazing looks in the next topic!

20 looks with a loose dress to enhance your beauty even more

Now that you’ve seen some dresses available to buy, how about looking for some outfit inspiration? You will see that no matter the model, they all have beautiful combination opportunities.

1. The short loose dress just needs you and some accessories

2. And if you like ample dresses, this one is to rock

3. In addition to being great for the beach, some loose dresses look great with a hat

4. How about an all black look? It’s elegance and pure style!

5. For colder climates, they look great with boots

6. Bet on puffed sleeves for more sophisticated occasions

7. And for ordinary days, a beautiful V-cut model

8. And always remember: Neutron tones can match just about EVERYTHING!

9. Now just imagine a loose model with ruffled detail

10. And as you can see, the jacket is a nice overlay.

11. Some models of loose dress cause by themselves on your body

12. And it doesn’t matter the color, if you combine it with black pieces, it looks beautiful!

13. In dark fabrics, bet on the contrast of beige

14. And feel free to try an all-white look

15. The loose checkered dress is the one that will make you look cute

16. But you can opt for baby pink with a handbag

17. And for a glamorous moment: lots of sequins!

18. With the loose dress you can go deeper in any shade

19. You can use and abuse ruffles and their movements

20. The loose dress is elegance and simplicity… You choose!

See how easy it is to combine your dress loose with other items? The possibilities are many and vary according to the taste of each woman. And you already know, your tastes, your rules. It’s your time to rock! Take the opportunity to also know, the tips on long summer dress.

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