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20 Fun AliExpress Items That Cost Under $3

Website of Chinese origin, AliExpress is a huge success here in Brazil. Although the delivery of products often takes a while, many people simply love to buy all kinds of trinkets on this portal.

In this post, we present a series of objects sold on AliExpress that cost less than 3 dollars or around 12 reais.

For example, a special knife to cut watermelons or a kind of cloth to prevent hair from getting on the floor while shaving. At the end of the post, we prepared a little surprise, a product capable of relieving anyone’s stress.

In the team of awesome.club, many people are addicted to shopping on the site and researching news that some consider indispensable and others, somewhat useless. Is that you? Which of these items would you buy?

20. Massager for cats

You can purchase it here

19. Device for measuring the size of a baby’s foot

18. Cute animal shaped travel pillow

17. Super creative sticky notepad

16. Skewers for snacks in the shape of cute kittens

15. Hand warmer

14. A super smart adjustable measuring spoon

13. Practical waist packs for running and walking

12. Sock of cute puppies

11. To prevent beard hairs from spreading around the bathroom

10. Special knife for cutting watermelons

9. Feather-shaped bookmarks

8. Bags to separate the most delicate items when washing clothes

7. Support for slippers

6. An original and fun way to serve the drink to your friends

5. Infinite calendar

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4. Wall hooks for keys

3. Super fashion colorful spoon

2. Fun muffin molds

1. Anti-stress toy in the shape of a kitten

And here, the kittens in action

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