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20 everyday objects that became much more practical after a touch of creativity

Nowadays, scientists and designers are constantly developing hundreds of innovative products that even a few decades ago no one could have imagined could exist. Traditional everyday objects are not left out of this trend, and are also improved, even gaining new functions. In our post there is from a dryer for shoes and an umbrella capable of collecting water, to a crosswalk that literally blocks the flow of cars.

We, from incredible.club, we were very impressed with human creativity and decided to share with you some everyday objects with extraordinary improvements. Follow!

“The security code on my new credit card changes every 3 hours”

Cell phone case with space to store headphones

“Saw a shoe dryer in Norway”

Sofa with attached pet house

This microwave, in addition to heating your food, charges your cell phone

Crosswalk that literally makes it impossible for cars to pass

Container that makes life easier in the kitchen, fitting perfectly on your lap

This shirt has buttons on both the inside and outside to prevent gaps from forming between them and making women feel uncomfortable.

The elevator of the World Trade Center building shows the history of New York’s architectural development

Bed that already comes with a TV attached

This printer uses small balls of ink instead of liquid ink cartridges. It doesn’t leak and is easy to refill.

The walls of this bathroom are automatically no longer transparent when someone enters it. Would you take the risk?

A stick that makes life easier when buttering bread

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In this chess game, the shape of each piece indicates the direction of its movement.

This invention allows the consumer to see furniture in different colors before deciding to buy it.

The crown at the tip of the umbrella will collect any water present in it when placed upside down, thus preventing it from wetting the ground.

You can configure this lamp in different ways, just move the parts to turn them on or off

Cane that easily transforms into a stool

Water bottle with a pill organizer for each day of the week

Perfect piece of furniture for that rest after lunch at work

Which of these inventions did you like the most? And what everyday object would you like to perfect? Tell us in the comments section.

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