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20 crochet ideas with knitted yarn to fall in love with the technique

Knitted yarn crochet is great for making large items more easily because of the thicker material used for thread. You can unleash your creativity to make beautiful and resistant pieces, such as bags, rugs, baskets and even ornaments. To learn how to get started, check out step-by-step tutorials and inspiring ideas!

How to crochet with knitted yarn

Also known as maxi crochet or giant crochet, crochet with knitted yarn can be used to make different pieces. To learn how to reproduce the technique at home, follow the tutorials below. They are perfect for beginners or beginners.

Knitted yarn crochet for beginners

If you are new to the technique and want to know more about the materials needed, this is the ideal video. Here, the youtuber shows different types of thread and needle, in addition to giving tips on which items to choose according to the piece that will be made and the desired finish. Check out!

How to make knitted yarn at home

Did you know that it is possible to make your own knitted yarn at home, without a sewing machine or any splicing? For this, you will only need scraps, scissors and cloth glue for the finish. In addition to being more economical than buying ready-made, it is very fast and simple. See the step by step and tips in the video!

Knitted yarn crochet rug without needle

The cool thing about this type of crochet is that, depending on the thickness of the yarn, you don’t even need a needle to create your piece. This is the case with the rectangular rug taught in this video, which is made only with your hands. Follow the complete process and see the result!

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How to make crochet bag with knitted yarn

In this video, you learn how to make a bag using a 39 cm x 20 cm crochet base, a handle and a magnet button. The process is simple and can be done even by those who do not have many crochet skills. It’s a great idea to have personalized accessories or even earn extra money from the sale.

Organizer basket with knitted yarn: step by step

With creativity and patience, crochet can yield very cute works, such as the rabbit-shaped organizer basket. To make it at home, you will need yarn in three colors: white, pink and black. The piece is perfect for decorating children’s rooms. Check out the step by step video!

Knitted yarn crochet pet basket

How about pampering your pet with a crochet basket that serves as a very comfortable bed? The tip is to use soft knitted yarn, which is very thick and does not require the use of needles. The process is quick and the result is amazing!

With so many beautiful works, it’s even difficult to choose which one to test first, isn’t it? Now that you know the technique, let your imagination run wild to create your own pieces. Get to work!

20 pictures of knitted yarn crochet crafts that will delight you

If you’re still not convinced that crocheting with knitted yarn can create wonderful items, the selection of photos below will change your mind. See amazing works to get inspired and reproduce at home!

1. Crochet with knitted yarn makes beautiful work

2. In addition to being easy, the technique is sustainable

3. Yarn can be made from scraps of mesh that would otherwise go to waste

4. Vary colors and fabrics to have unique pieces

5. Like this beautiful knitted yarn crochet rug

6. Or these very cute keychains

7. You can make a nice organizing basket

8. Or a crochet basket with knitted yarn for your pet

9. Combine multiple colors for a fun result

10. It’s very comfortable and they love it!

11. You can also make very original accessories

12. How about a knitted yarn crochet bag?

13. You can also bet on a themed pen holder

14. In a basket to organize and decorate the kitchen

15. Or on a cozy footboard for the bedroom

16. Crochet cachepots with knitted yarn are also fun

17. And they make any decoration even more charming

18. Choose a neutral and classic piece

19. Or invest in a cheerful color combination

20. The important thing is that the environment is your face!

Bet on the versatility of crochet with knitted yarn to make your home more beautiful and functional! If you still don’t have much experience with threads and needles, take the opportunity to check out more tips on crochet for beginners.

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