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19 Curious and Funny Food Memes That Represent Us

Everyone knows that food brings people together and is a topic that never ends. That’s why food memes are always the most fun; after all, it is impossible not to feel identified.

Today the awesome.club brings super fun examples. Check it out right now and get ready to laugh a lot, because they only bring truths, including the ones we all want to hide.

1. Spinach, we hate you

2. What does the recipe say and what do I put

3. Avocados hate us

4. “And a light soda, please”

5. When you ask your grandmother for a snack

6. Nothing better than a good cheese sandwich

7. Everyone loves to sleep with their big love

8. Do you understand what it’s for?

9. That’s what you see a lot of Master Chef

10. “I decided to cut down on the number of pizza pieces because I’m on a diet”

11. Food is as mysterious as our personality

12. Who cares about the nail polish palette? What matters is the sauce palette for nuggets

13. Starting today, I eat just a slice of pizza

14. When someone asks to eat a piece: side A and side B

15. Who said pizza isn’t nutritious?

16. When mom asks her son to eat more vegetables

17. When someone asks me if I like pizza

18. Three hours of preparation for this

19. My dentist said, “Just a scoop of ice cream”

Which of these memes represents you? Share your opinion in the comments.

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