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Know the pros and cons of using the postpartum girdle

The postpartum girdle is one of the items that is usually present on the list of items that a woman takes to the maternity ward. The function of this brace is to provide more comfort in postpartum recovery. “It helps to reduce edema and provides comfort and safety for women, especially in post-cesarean cases, leaving them more comfortable to walk and perform other daily activities”, explains physical therapist Mayra Pádua Gatti.

The use of the brace despite the benefits, however, is not mandatory for health and should be a choice of each woman along with medical advice, analyzing the pros and cons. “There are controversies about its use, some doctors forbid it, because they believe that the belt ends up playing the role of the musculature, preventing it from returning to its normal state”, comments the physical therapist.

Among the benefits cited about the use of the postpartum belt, some people may say that the use helps the body to return to its normal state, as it compresses the abdomen. However, it is a myth, the brace does not help or accelerate the process. The physical therapist explains: “The use of the belt does not make the abdomen go back to how it used to be, this process is natural and physiological for each organism”.

Why use or not use the postpartum girdle?

As already said, the use of the postpartum girdle is not mandatory for health and has advantages and disadvantages. To make the choice between using the brace or not, you must, together with professional help and guidance, analyze the good and bad points of this item. Below is a list of the pros and cons of the postpartum girdle:

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  • More security to perform everyday tasks, especially after cesarean;
  • Offers support to keep the spine straight;
  • It helps the emotional, as you can feel safer to move around and perform other tasks during the postpartum period;
  • Provides the momentary effect of reducing the abdomen.


  • Straps that are too tight can cause circulation problems;
  • It does not help bring the abdomen back to normal and some professionals even believe that it has the opposite effect;
  • It can hinder the healing of the cesarean section, since it prevents the ventilation of the place;

How and when to use the strap

The postpartum girdle can be used immediately after a natural birth or cesarean section. Ideally, it should be used throughout the day and night, including sleeping. The period of use can vary between a minimum of 1 month after delivery and a maximum of 3 months.

It is important to remember, however, that the way and period each woman will use the brace may vary according to each case and medical advice is necessary. The time of use per day can also be different, some women may feel very uncomfortable when using the sleeping belt, for example.

Where to find

When thinking about purchasing your postpartum girdle, it is essential to know which model is best for you and the size. The ideal strap model for you is the one that most provides comfort, safety and best suits your needs. For those with thicker thighs, a brace with legs can be more interesting, however, if the weather is very hot, this model can cause discomfort.

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It is necessary to think mainly about the variables: comfort, biotype and especially practicality. Strap models with intimate openings, for example, can bring more comfort. As for the size, it is ideal to observe your measurements and check them together with the measurements provided by the brands, since they can vary in each one.

Always remember that the postpartum belt should not disturb, tighten or compress any part of the body, as its main function is to bring more comfort and alleviate some postpartum problems. It is also important that the belt covers the entire abdomen.

To purchase your postpartum girdle, you can buy it on websites. Below are some online stores that have this item:

Testimony about the use of the strap

If you are still in doubt about the use of the brace, it is important to hear a medical opinion without doubts. Some reports from those who have experienced the use or not, can also help you to clarify doubts. Check out a report on the use of the postpartum girdle below:

I used the postpartum belt for 40 days right after the cesarean. My doctor at the time said that it would be important to use it to give more security in movements. I recommend using it right after leaving the maternity hospital because it provides a certain security, especially for those who had a cesarean section due to the cut and the belly being swollen. The use of the brace alleviates a little pain and discomfort. (Maria Simoni)

To decide whether or not you should use the postpartum girdle, it is interesting to have a medical opinion, talk to other mothers and also analyze the pros and cons. Remembering that the use of this item is not mandatory for health, so the final decision is always up to your individual wants and needs.

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