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19 Before and after famous Brazilians who changed a lot in 10 years

As much as the beauty industry has advanced more and more in skin treatments, we cannot 100% escape the effects of time. Even if we don’t realize it on a daily basis, we just need to compare our current photos with the old ones and it is possible to notice small changes. Maybe you even say that time has only been good, right? With the famous, the difference can be more evident, after all, some are in constant transformation.

1. Alok

2. Fátima Bernardes

3. Neymar

4. Isis Valverde

5. Thiaguinho

6. Maisa Silva

7. Naiara Azevedo

8. Michel Telo

9. Gisele Bundchen

10. Juliana Paes

11. Camila Queiroz

12. Bruno Gagliasso

13. Adriana Lima

14. Marina Ruy Barbosa

15. Sandy

16. Luciano Huck

17. Caio Castro

18. Sasha Meneghel

19. Leandro Hassum

And you, how much has changed in the last ten years? How about posting pictures of yourself from 2012 and 2022 in the comments section? And don’t forget to tell us which of these celebrities you think has changed the most.

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