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18 Totally Feminine Things Men Better Not Know

Every woman has a touch of mystery that men can’t solve. Most of the girly tricks remain a secret, and only a small part of them has been compiled in this post.

O awesome.club invites you to take a look at the world of women now. Girls, do these situations look familiar?

1. Emojis are not as simple as they seem

2. A useful trick

3. – Baby, I’m already here, just waiting for you.
– I’m almost ready:

4. What do I mean when I ask someone to take a picture of me?

5. Why everything must have a system

6. When all you want is to paint your eyebrows

7. “I got home and found my girlfriend sleeping like this, is she really human?”

8. When things aren’t going so well and he suddenly says, “Okay, my love, let’s do it your way.”

9. When you realize all the risk of shopping online, but keep walking through this very dangerous terrain

10. Female friendship exactly as it is

11. The thing is, men don’t know anything about what style is

12. When you’ve just finished coloring your eyelashes but soon feel like sneezing

13. I will lose weight at another time

14. When you move your head and the filter disappears

15. That’s why I don’t let my nails grow anymore

16. When you Google the lyrics of a song and realize that for half a year you’ve been singing something completely ridiculous

17. If burned

18. Girlfriends: “Are we going to a party today?”
Me: “Oh, I wish I could, but I have a lot of things to do!”

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