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16 Trivia That Say More About A Person Than You Think

To determine the main characteristics of a person’s personality, it is not necessary to have a doctorate in psychology or know their sign. Just pay attention to your daily activities. Even the way a woman carries her purse can reveal a lot about her!

At the awesome.club we discover which personality traits are found by looking at people’s daily habits.

1. Dislike reading books

If you read on rare occasions and quickly tire of a book, it shows a high degree of good faith. Psychologists believe that hyper-responsible people, internally, cannot afford to have fun because too many really important things await them. Even reading seems like a luxury they can’t afford. Having fun, people of good faith often experience a sense of guilt, which constantly distracts them from the object of their fun, imagining the performance of new responsible actions.

2. Frequently walking around the house naked

People who have an extremely broad view of the world around them prefer to walk naked in their own home. They constantly want to try something new, like meeting people, and they are not opposed to different experiments. With self-esteem, everything goes well.

3. Leave the dirty dishes to wash tomorrow

People who leave dishes in the sink and go to bed at night with a clear conscience are not used to solving their problems immediately. His motto is “Maybe it will work itself out”. This belief even applies when postponing problems that may affect your career or personal life. However, this is not relevant for those who work late into the night and are simply not able to do housework after a long day at work.

4. Don’t leave home without a watch

5. Get tattoos

Lovers of tattoos, according to psychologists, have three qualities. First, they are almost always extroverted, active, very friendly and overly talkative. In the second case, they are open to the world: they prefer the adventurous life to being an office worker. And thirdly, of course, they are unique, and that greatly improves their self-esteem.

6. Not being able to live without a phone

Experts have found that emotionally unstable people tend to rely on electronic devices. Extroverts are also in the risk zone, but almost nothing threatens people with sociopathic disorders. The rule does not apply to those who have suffered a personal tragedy. For them, the phone can be a great pain reliever.

7. Constantly nibbling something

This is one of the typical nervousness symptoms of perfectionists. More often they resort to pencils, pens and their own nails. It happens in a moment of extreme boredom. Psychologists explain this attitude by saying that perfectionists feel better when they are busy with something, and therefore they try to fill these moments of inactivity in this simple way.

8. Making faces when taking a selfie

People who are photographed from a lower angle are generally very positive and kind. The hyper-responsible and the serious take pictures so others don’t notice exactly where they are. Passion for “duck” beaks, on the other hand, reveals psychological problems: perhaps it is an excessive nervous effort, a tic or something more sinister.

9. Swearing with or without reason

10. Draw during phone conversations

According to experts, those who draw on a piece of paper during a telephone conversation are selfish and do not care about the interlocutor. These people focus on themselves and put their own wants ahead of the needs of the rest. At the same time, cartoon fans are distinguished by being more romantic and sentimental, and therefore they are easily forgiven for such selfishness.

11. Laughing in public places

Those who laugh out loud in a public place like to attract attention, even if they don’t admit it themselves. Psychologists argue that such behavior is typical for those who cannot surprise those around them with something else: a dizzying professional career, talent or, in the worst case, expensive things. Not in vain, this definition does not include people who always and everywhere laugh in such a way that it seems that the glass in the windows will burst.

12. Eat quickly

The habit of eating quickly and quickly reveals a person’s mobility. Most likely, you are ambitious, open to new things and focused on achieving your goal. In addition, psychologists point out that these subjects are often impatient and want to have everything at once, and if they don’t get it, they fall into depression.

13. “Trolling” people on the Internet

Here the conclusions are disappointing. Trolling, both on the internet and in real life, reveals the presence in that person of at least one of the characteristics of the “black triad” (narcissism, Machiavellianism — non-observance of morality norms — and psychopathy). This manifests itself in unwarranted aggression and a predisposition to violence which, in general, occurs with people who are not able to defend themselves or with animals. It is also believed that during a conversation these people are more likely to maintain prolonged eye contact.

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14. Not liking to make the bed

This habit is typical of disorderly people who clearly resemble those who do not wash the dishes until dawn. They expect great achievements, but they are not willing to do anything on their own and take risks to make their precious dreams come true. And since a bright future awaits them, they do not pay attention to the little things and unpleasant trifles of the present. Although they should.

15. Keep a personal diary

Those who keep diaries (if they are not already teenagers), as a rule, are closed and distrustful people. They find it difficult to keep in touch with the world and find a common language even with their loved ones.

The description is also valid for those who write their diary for several years. But if you prefer an electronic version of this and publish it, for example, in LiveJournal, then this point does not apply to you.

16. How women hold their purse

Girls who prefer to carry a purse with one arm folded, as a rule, are a little refined, demanding the same from others and have or want to have a high social status. If a woman carries a bag with her arm outstretched, it is likely that she knows how to correctly set her priorities and considers that only one thing is the main thing in life: her own comfort. Those who carry their purse behind, for example, slung over their shoulder, are balanced and unshakable people. The bag reveals its owner’s perseverance, good organization and rationality. Women who prefer sports bags have an independent character and love to take care of themselves and those around them.

Tell us, did you find any of your habits on our list? Did the character’s description coincide with reality?

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