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16 photos that show the mysteries of our world

Researchers make important discoveries through their experiences and their meticulous work. But not only scientists can come to interesting conclusions. Many people, when they forget food or objects somewhere, end up carrying out experiments that reveal curious aspects of our world.

We, from awesome.club, we are diehard curious and like to know different facts about everything. And the following photos prove that our world is full of interesting things.

On the left are the eggs of an old hen and on the right those of a much younger one.

“It’s a piece of thermally insulated glass after the transformer exploded. My boyfriend brought him home”

This is what a McDonald’s hamburger looks like before it’s fried

This lamp burned out after 30 years of use.

“I do weightlifting, basketball, tennis and running. In the photo, a new sneaker and the one I wore for two and a half years.”

Snow melts during the day and freezes again at night, causing the edges to curl.

“My left leg was immobilized for three weeks. The difference is remarkable”

“This cake showed the oven temperature difference. It’s much hotter closer to the door.”

When the tire is about to explode

The designs on the floor tiles, in front of the cash register of an old restaurant, have disappeared over the years.

“My friend has dogs. This is his garage door”

“My grandfather was a mechanic. I found a wrench in my backyard that he had lost.”

“A month later, I remembered leaving my shoes outside to dry. The pair’s right foot faded.”

“I left this rusty wrench in a cup outside. It rained and crystals appeared on the metal.”

“Two weeks ago I forgot these two apples at the office”

“There is ivy on the outside wall of our house that has started to grow inside the house”

What interesting things have you discovered recently? And which one impressed you the most? Tell us in the comments!

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