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16 People Who Didn’t Plan On Getting A Cat But Ended Up Being Adopted By Them

They say that to attract a cat to your home, you just need to place an open cardboard box on your doorstep — a minute won’t pass and some kitty will magically appear inside it. Of course, in real life, things are not so simple, although some of the protagonists of this post claim that their feline friends practically sprouted from the air in their homes. Really?

We, from awesome.club, we know that no one can resist a good dose of cuteness from a pussy. Therefore, we decided to create this post with reports of people who ended up becoming cat owners by chance. Follow!

1. “My husband was gone for a few days after a fight. So I decided to do what any woman would do to relax—I went shopping. By chance I ended up at a cat show. And a kitten out of nowhere started meowing and scratching at the glass to get my attention. Five minutes later we were on our way home.”

2. “One day, when I came home from work, I dropped a towel on the floor and saw a paw come out from under the bed and try to pull the towel towards itself. I stayed with the kitten

3. “The cat who used to live nearby found another home and moved permanently, taking all the other kittens with her. But one ended up being left behind. I found him almost lifeless on the road.”

4. “I was on the porch when a cat jumped towards me. I petted him and then took him from neighbor to neighbor looking for his owner, but no one knew where he was from. I gave him a Russian name: Boris Britva.”

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5. “When I was choosing a kitten, I researched the breeds for the short English, maine coon and sphynx. Only one day, at work, he came full of car oil in his ears and even devoured my lunch. He adopted me”

6. “One night at the hotel where I worked, two women brought a kitten out of nowhere and begged me to find him a home. I called everyone I knew, but in the end I ended up adopting the ‘boy’”

7. “This is Darth Vader. They brought him to my door and said, ‘if you don’t adopt him some dog will end up eating him.’ Of course I stayed with him. And today I’m on the feline side of the force.”

8. “I bought a kitten for 100 reais. He was sick and barely eating. The previous owner let it drink alcohol and constantly took it in the luggage compartment when she went to parties with friends ”

9. “I found a kitten under my car after work. My heart couldn’t resist. Now he is the newest mechanic on our team.”

10. “This cat didn’t get along with any family. So they decided that they would euthanize him in the shelter, as there wasn’t much space. They told this story on the radio and 3 friends called me right away! I couldn’t ignore this sign of life”

11. “We adopted a black cat that was not spayed. She ate a lot and meowed loudly all the time; it was as if the food went in and was automatically already ‘processed’. We thought it was some kind of worm. So I started to observe her and ended up discovering another 3 black kittens exactly the same behind the curtains. She had given birth

12. “We went kayaking inland on vacation. One night, we started hearing kittens meowing. At first we just wanted to feed them, but in the end we ended up taking them all home.”

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13. “We adopted a stray cat. One day they saw him on the stairs of the building and warned us that he had run away. We ran to our apartment to get it. But when we arrived and opened the door, we found that our cat had taken a feline friend there. In the end, we ended up adopting the second cat as well.”

14. “I woke up at 1am with a cat meowing, even though I didn’t have any at the time. The sound seemed to come from inside the sofa. So, I cut the piece of furniture and rescued it from inside. Honestly, I don’t know how he ended up in that space, but these days, he’s my best friend!”

15. “One day I passed by the place where he was alone three times. On Wednesday, I couldn’t resist and took him home.”

16. “A year and a half ago a kitten came into my apartment. I adopted him. Six months ago a second one came in and I adopted him too. Later, I found out that he was not a cat, but a pregnant cat, who gave me 4 more kittens”

Do you have cats? Were they purchased, donated or adopted? Share your story and pictures of your kitten with us in the comments section.

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