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20 Thrift Shop Purchases That Made Customers Happier Than Any Luxury Store

Furnishing the house or having nice pieces in the wardrobe can take a lot of time and money. What can be complicated for some people can be quite simple for others. Those who are in the habit of finding second-hand items in thrift stores have very interesting and unique items in their home. All this with a lot of economy!

We, from awesome.club, we also spent hours in thrift stores to get different pieces in excellent condition. In this article, we publish some purchases that made customers happier than if they had gone to expensive luxury brands. Check out!

“True Religion Moto jacket my mom found for $10! I love it”

“I found 2 transparent pans. I’m not sure they’re worth anything, but they’re so pretty, I’ll keep them anyway. I paid $3.50 each at the thrift store”

Brand new party dress for a super affordable price

“Found this for $15 at Goodwill”

“My thrift store mining career has reached its peak. The boot of my dreams in my size. The shoemaker fixed the bottom and put new cleats in the heel for 20 pounds.”

“I panned this dress for $10! I’m in love with him”

“Warhol patio table made of tempered glass and gold pot. $16 for both”

“My favorite find, my wedding dress I found at a local thrift store. I looked up the tag and it’s a ‘cloud dress’ inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding dress. I’ve always wanted to buy my dress at a thrift store, but I never thought it was possible because I’m extremely petite. It has never been used and only needed minor alterations.”

“I looked at her for 5 minutes straight… and I just couldn’t say no. Tomorrow I’ll come back to get you!”

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“I’ve been looking for something to put in this place for years. I found this for $100 on Facebook and put some LEDs inside. It was worth the wait”

“Check out this wonderful modest vintage sideboard!”

“Makintosh cherry red wool coat for $12”

“Definitely my best thrift store find in a long time, I love the color!”

“I found this Coach Bag 9870 hidden in the corner of the bag section. My best find, for $15”

“Found this 1930s Art Deco Milk Glass Ace Lampshade at the thrift store for $6! I saw one being sold online for almost $400!”

“I got this 1920s cheval mirror for $40. It will go well with my Art Deco aquarium!”

“I got this exclusive chair on the Facebook Marketplace. Yes, it spins

“The most beautiful coin vault I have ever seen”

“Excited about this embroidery!!!!!”

“Don’t have much to put in yet but found this vintage looking bookcase/shelf for $14 to put in my dining area”

Have you ever bought any cool second-hand items for your home or to dress up? Were you happy with the acquisition? Share the photo of your find here in the comments!

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