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15 Objects designed for left-handers that avoid various annoyances

Only left-handed people know how difficult it is to use some everyday objects designed for right-handers. In the past, they had no choice but to get used to it despite some discomfort. But now, thanks to innovations and new technologies, there are various artifacts focused on this percentage of the population.

At the incredible.club we have compiled for you the objects that gave the most problems for left-handers, but made specifically for them. All items can be purchased through Amazon links that appear linked to each product.

1. Can opener

For left-handers, using this device is a real nightmare, as its mechanism is designed for right-handers. If you have this problem frequently and don’t want any cans to go unopened, there are already openers specially designed for your use.

2. Ergonomic pen

Left-handers cannot get pens to work well as they are rigged to be dragged across the paper to the right side. That is, the ink does not flow, and the pen does not write. However, now there is the possibility to purchase pens developed especially for them, thus avoiding these annoying problems.

3. Computer mouse

For left-handers, the two mouse buttons are swapped places and, in addition, its ergonomics are only comfortable for right-handers. Today, they have already invented a special mouse with a shape and buttons adapted to be used by the left hand.

4. Scissors

If a left-handed person tries to cut with ordinary scissors, he cannot do it well because of the position of the cutting edge, and it is uncomfortable. Now there are special models, the sharp part of which is on the opposite side from the usual one.

5. Notebooks

If they have a spiral then they are really uncomfortable for the person as they get stuck in the hand when writing. And even if they don’t have this characteristic, the ink smudges, because they pass their hand over it. The solution came in the form of notebooks for left-handers, which, in addition to not having a spiral, have paper specially made so that the ink does not smudge.

6. Peeler

Like other cutting tools, the peeler’s blade is placed specifically for right-handed use, and on the left side it has no cut. But nowadays there are peelers with a rotating blade, so they can be used by both left and right handed people.

7. Keyboard

Number keys are usually on the right, so a left-handed person has to cross their hand across the keyboard to type numbers. Now there are versions of these devices with a special design for left-handers, where these buttons are on the left side.

8. Knife

The knife, or its sharp part, is designed for right-handers. Currently there are models that have both sides sharpened, so that they can be used by anyone without the slightest problem. In this link you can find one of them.

9. Guitar

A left-hander needs to pick up the guitar upside down in order to pluck the strings with his left hand. But currently there are several musical instruments designed for these people, like this guitar.

10. Rulers

Left-handed people, when using measuring instruments, need to read measurements backwards. On these rulers the numbers can be read by right-handed and left-handed people.

11. Golf clubs

There are golf clubs adapted for left-handers, as it is not the same thing to hit the ball with the right hand or the left. If you are a fan of this sport and suffer from this problem, this club could be the perfect solution.

12. Corkscrew

The corkscrew spiral is placed so that right-handers can unclog bottles without any problems, but left-handers have more difficulty using these instruments, because the mechanism is not designed to turn upside down. In this link you can find one of these perfect corkscrews for left-handed people.

13. Measuring cup

On basic measuring cups, you only see the measurement if you hold it in your left hand and enter the amount in your right. If you’re left-handed, as you can’t turn your entire arm, it’s best to choose one where the numbers appear on both sides. We found a perfect model for you.

14. Sharpener

The sharpener’s blade is only sharpened on the right side, which is where right-handed pencils move. But at the moment there is already a sharpener for lefties.

15. Computer side table

Most laptop side tables are made up of two parts: a larger one to support the device and a smaller one for the mouse, on the right side. The work table we are looking for is ready for the person to change the side of the piece on which the hand is resting when working.

Did you know about the existence of these products? Do you know others who can make life easier for a left-hander? Tell us!

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