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15 Celebrities who look great with natural hair

Celebrities love to change their style and are always playing with new trends. This, to some extent, is “part of their job”: always being different and surprising fans with new and sophisticated hairstyles. However, nowadays the more laid-back look seems to have made a comeback, which has weakened the need to straighten your hair all the time. Natural is increasingly in fashion and the hairstyles of some celebrities confirm this new trend.

we, from awesome.clubwe love big transformations, but we also admire and applaud those who aren’t afraid to show off their natural beauty.

1. Sarah Hyland showed off her curly hair on Instagram and her fans loved it

2. Meghan Markle usually appears with straighter hair. It’s just that he’s actually curly.

3. Tyra Banks has appeared with many hairstyles, but is very proud of her voluminous hair

4. Viola Davis looks amazing either way, with straight hair or with her beautiful curls

5. Zendaya declared that she managed to recover her hair that was damaged and that she is very proud of her curls

6. Ariana Grande has curly hair, but often appears in public with it straight and with a huge ponytail

7. Vanessa Hudgens always appears with wavy hair, but loves her natural curls

8. Kerry Washington hides her curls for the roles she plays, but shows off her natural hair on the red carpet

9. Jennifer Lopez has done everything with her hair, but she doesn’t hide her passion for the natural texture

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10. Hailey Bieber Said She Feels Much Prettier With Natural Wavy

11. Beyoncé’s curls make her look much more natural. So sometimes she appears with them

12. Alicia Keys almost never appears with straight hair and has also chosen to appear in public without makeup

13. Salma Hayek loves looks elegant, expensive and chic, but sometimes it reveals beautiful natural curls

14. Troian Bellisario loves her wavy hair and almost never hides it

15. Ciara likes to include natural curls in her different looksbut often appears with straight hair at important events

Do you spend a lot of time fixing and straightening your hair or do you prefer the natural style? Share your photos in the comments.

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