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14 Illustrations of surprises that life has in store for short people

If you measure 1.65 meters in Indonesia, you will be considered a tall person, while in the Netherlands you would be the same height as children. Because everything in this world is relative and has its pros and cons. These comic illustrations reflect very well how people of short stature live in society.

O awesome.club compiled some situations in the lives of short people to better understand what it’s like to be them.

Short people always look younger

To a “Thumbelina”, even short men can look strong

Tiny people always provoke tenderness, even when they are angry.

In order not to disturb them, it is essential to know how to talk to them in the right way.

The bags have to pass a pretty tough test
of resistance

And on long trips, your neck is put to the test of endurance.

They also need to take care of their weight.

On the other hand, they are very lucky in sales

Sometimes it’s kind of hard for them to live in a world of tall people.

The head usually gets more hugs than the waist

Children’s stores often have their advantages for short people… and disadvantages

But even so, expectations do not always match reality.

Driving is an amazing adventure

Say what you want, being short is genius

What is your height? How is your life being that big?

Illustrator Leonid Khan exclusive to Incrível.club

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