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12 recipes with Madeira sauce for a fancy dinner

A tasty, well-seasoned sauce that goes very well with meats: the protagonist of our post today is Madeira sauce!

They say that the authentic sauce must be prepared with Madeira wine, produced in Portugal. However, new versions with other ingredients appear every day, and they are all equally appetizing.

Despite being a very frequent figure in Brazilian restaurants, the history of Madeira sauce goes back a long time. Anyone who thinks the recipe appeared in Portuguese kitchens is wrong. The credit for the Madeira sauce is given to the English who occupied Madeira Island. Very passionate about wine, they started to use it in the most different preparations, from cakes to meats. And it was there, most likely, that the sauce came to life.

After knowing a little more about the food, there’s nothing like tasting it, right? Then check out 13 delicious and easy recipes that you can make with Madeira sauce – there are even vegetarian and chicken stroganoff options!

1. Basic wood sauce

If you’ve never made Madeira sauce, here’s an easy step-by-step recipe. You need wine, butter, onion, garlic, wheat flour, broth, thyme and salt. The method of preparation is simple and one of the secrets is to strain the sauce through a sieve.

2. Fake wood sauce

This recipe is amazing with cooked meats and is made in the pressure cooker. At the bottom of the pan you must put oil, onion, garlic, cubed meat, beef broth powder, soy sauce, mustard, salt and a bay leaf. Cover with boiling water and bring to a boil. Want to know the rest? Click here to check.

3. Fillet in plain wood sauce

A tender and juicy fillet, accompanied by a very tasty and full-bodied sauce. How not to salivate? The preparation is beyond simple: the fillet is seasoned only with salt. To make the sauce even more special, add mushrooms and hearts of palm! Complete recipe.

4. Fillet in original wood sauce

This suggestion is for those who want to caprichar! The ingredients list includes tomato, bouquet garni, onion, beef bones, wheat flour, butter, carrots, cream, celery, garlic, Madeira wine and cachaça or cognac. Have you ever flamed something? In this recipe you will have the opportunity!

5. Sirloin steak with wood sauce without beer

Madeira sauce is a great option to accompany red meats, and the homemade flavor always brings a special flavor to the dish, doesn’t it? In this recipe, sirloin steaks were seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper. The sauce was prepared in the same skillet in which the steaks were made. Mouth watering!

6. Filet mignon in Madeira sauce with mustard

Prepare to receive rave reviews: this recipe is amazing! For the Madeira sauce to be even tastier, note the trick: add 3/4 teaspoon of dijon mustard, which is stronger than the mustard normally used in the kitchen. Serve with salad, rice and baked potato.

7. Filet mignon in Madeira sauce with cheddar and caramelized onions

The taste of this recipe is a little reminiscent of that famous hamburger from a giant fast food chain – you know which one we are talking about. Assembling the dish consists of fillets topped with Madeira sauce + creamy cheddar sauce + sweetened and caramelized onions. Wow!

8. Chambaril with wood sauce with xerém

For those who don’t know, xerém is a typical dish from Portugal that is also widely consumed in Brazil, especially in the Northeast. It is a pasty preparation based on corn flour. And do you know how xerém looks like accompanying a beautiful roast beef with wood sauce? Stay is TOO MUCH! Check the recipe.

9. Ground beef roll with wood sauce

Ground beef is known for its versatility and can be used in the most varied recipes. In this suggestion here, the meat is used to make a roasted roll with mozzarella cheese. The wood sauce adds a touch of flavor. Serve with salad and whole wheat pasta.

10. Lizard in Madeira sauce with vegetables

The lizard, cut of beef, is also often called armadillo in some parts of the country. Following this recipe you will have a very thick Madeira sauce. If you don’t like it that way, do it differently: instead of beating the meat cooking broth, just strain it.

11. Chicken Stroganoff in Madeira Sauce

Madeira sauce does not need to accompany only steaks and roasted meats. How about a different stroganoff? With chicken breast, sliced ​​mushrooms, sour cream and wood sauce, the dish is creamy and very tasty. The accompaniment tip is white rice and potato straw. Learn now!

12. Seitan with wood sauce

Of course, we couldn’t leave out a vegetarian recipe! Seitan, known as gluten-free meat, is a great substitute for those on an animal-free diet. Special ingredient to flavor Madeira sauce: ginger! Check out the recipe in detail here.

Did you like the recipes? Try doing them in your everyday life. It’s worth varying the meat and side dishes, so you always have diverse options on your table. Enjoy your food!

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