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11 Tricks to change your eating habits

Today it is not so difficult to obtain information about a healthy diet or to find foods for this type of diet. The problem is really starting to take care of yourself, without constantly putting off the first step “until next Monday”.

This behavior is common, as it seems that this task is impossible and unbearable. In such cases, psychologists recommend not trying to change dastrically, but gradually. So the awesome.club found three tricks that will help you change your eating habits for the better. It’s time to take care of yourself! But always seek help from an expert before starting any food change.

1. Order before everyone else

When we are accompanied by friends, we are more easily influenced. And if you definitely decided to eat a salad, but everyone around you orders hamburgers, the temptation to give up seems extremely enormous. However, the chances of not losing the presence of a healthy spirit will increase significantly if you order first from the table. Who knows, maybe the others won’t be tempted by the salad too?

2. Less salt, more spices

The debate about the dangers of salt has been raging for decades, but if food doesn’t look delicious enough, the first thing we do is add more salt. Try replacing an extra pinch of salt with the same amount of spices or dried herbs and the dish will be flooded with new flavors.

3. Ask for the sauce on the side

4. Start with the vegetables

Vegetables are digested faster, so it’s always best to eat them first. Also, if you feel full before your plate is empty, it means you’ve already internalized the healthy spirit.

5. While eating, don’t get distracted

If we check our email or read a book while eating, we rarely look at our plate and this is a strong reason why people tend to eat more than planned. In addition, when mechanically consuming food, we hardly notice its flavors. Remember, it’s better to focus on food. It will probably be tastier than usual and you will feel full much sooner.

6. Apply the 20 minute rule

Do not eat or drink for at least 20 minutes after finishing the main course. There are two reasons for this:

Drinking something while eating or right after you finish slows down your digestion. The feeling of hunger does not go away immediately.

If, after 20 minutes, you’re still hungry, well, then it’s time to enjoy some dessert or some coffee or tea.

7. Buy suitable food in advance

Not to end like this

By shopping for healthy food on a Friday night, you’ll save yourself the temptation to order fast food or spend a weekend cuddled up to a bag of chips.

8. Look for healthy substitutes

Instead of routinely rejecting the usual, look for alternatives that you can fall back on almost without realizing it.

We’ve found a few options to get your head ready for the process.

9. Real fruit, not just the taste

10. Frozen fruits are a great idea

An infusion flavored with dried herbs is not as delicious and, even more so, not as healthy as an infusion with a handful of frozen raspberries.

11. And most importantly: enjoy your favorite dishes

Even if your favorite food is a high-calorie, sweet and, frankly, insane bomb, don’t give it up right away and forever. Allow yourself to sometimes eat a small piece of your “wonders”, the pleasure will be similar to eating a whole cake, but the harm will be much less. Do not you think?

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