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How are the protagonists of the soap opera “Olhar de Mulher” doing, 23 years after its debut?

Olhar de Mulher was a Mexican soap opera released in 1997. Shown in Brazil in 2000, it drew attention not only for its elaborate dialogues, for the chemistry between the protagonists and for the good interpretation of the actors. One of the highlights was precisely the fact that it showed an innovative plot. The protagonist is a 50-year-old woman who believes in love again when she meets Alejandro, a man 16 years her junior who falls in love with her at first sight.

The end of the soap opera was, for many of the actors in the cast, just the beginning of a successful professional life. Therefore, the awesome.club shows how they are and what they have been working on.

1. Angélica Aragón (Maria Ines)

Before starring in the telenovela, Angélica Aragón was already famous in the world of TV. After the end of production, she decided to dedicate herself more to cinema. Lately, however, the artist has returned to acting in projects for the small screen, such as Accelerated, shown by Netflix. In addition to her great professional success, Angélica is known for dedicating herself to humanitarian causes that encourage the habit of reading in children and adults. She also supports projects to benefit vulnerable women.

2. Ari Telch (Alejandro Salas)

Who gave life to the hypochondriac and charming Alejandro, who took advantage of every second of his appearance on screen to make it clear how much he loved Maria Inês, was Ari Telch. And the actor did such a convincing job that he conquered all the public’s affection… and also that of Maria Inês. Ari’s work is not limited to television, but also encompasses theatrical productions. He is currently dedicated to the play D’ Mente, produced in partnership with his brothers. In it, he humorously addresses aspects of his life, including being diagnosed as bipolar.

3. Margarita Gralia (Paulina Serracín)

The beautiful and charismatic Paulina was played by Margarita Gralia. Unlike her character, who hated the word “old age”, the actress feels very happy with her age. She has already said that she does not understand what makes colleagues of the same generation to fear old age so much and says she has a huge interest in interpreting people at this stage of life.

“It seems ridiculous to me that my co-workers don’t want to play mothers or grandmothers. It is necessary to understand that time has changed, that people mature and that there comes a stage in life when we can already play other characters (…) the third age is as usable as 20 or 40”. Just look how much Paulina could learn from Margarita…

4. Veronica Langer (Rosario)

After the end of the telenovela, Verónica continued to act in major dramaturgy projects. Today, she is the mother of two children and is part of the cast of the telenovela Imperio de Mentiras.

5. Maria Renée Prudencio (Adriana)

Despite not being a lawyer like Adriana, María Reneé is as professional as the character she played. Currently, she is not only an actress, but also a screenwriter. Throughout her career, she received several awards and much recognition for the solidity and quality of her professional life.

6. Barbara Mori (Mónica)

The success that Bárbara Mori had when working in woman’s gaze it is directly proportional to the “pitis” that Mónica gave during the soap opera (yes, there were many). Nowadays, Bárbara has a curriculum full of important and unforgettable characters, as in Ruby. She has won several awards for her work. Mother of one son, she continues to be full of beauty.

7. Plutarch Haza (Andres)

Plutarco is not a musician like Andrés, but he owes nothing to the character, since he is recognized by critics and the public as a great actor and film director, having gathered praise in both roles. He has two small children, who must be surprised to see their father playing the rebellious teenager, a role he played in woman’s gaze🇧🇷

8. Carmen Madrid (Marcela)

Even with her charm and intelligence, Marcela won over Alejandro. Carmen Madrid, however, has so much acting talent that she has won over audiences. That’s because despite being young, Marcela was a little (or a lot, perhaps) obsessive. In addition to working as an actress, Carmen is a screenwriter and has a degree in Communication Sciences. His most recent work on television was in the telenovela Los elegidos.

9. Martha Mariana Castro (Daniela)

Another character who initially did not fall in favor with the public was Daniela: it is for her that Ignacio leaves Maria Inês. But, in the course of the story, both the protagonist and the viewers realize that Daniela is not a villain, but a passionate woman who only wanted to do the best for the person she loved. And who faced the challenge of giving all the necessary complexity to the character was Martha Mariana Castro. The actress continues to work on television: among other projects, she appeared in the telenovela La hija prodiga🇧🇷

10. Paloma Woolrich (Consuelo)

Consuelo was the submissive sister of Maria Inês, who needed the authorization of her mother and husband to make decisions. Certainly, the character had nothing to do with actress Paloma Woolrich: married, the professional found her own path towards success by being able to define her priorities. One of her most recent works was in the Netflix production A Casa das Flores.

11. Ana Graham (Marina)

No one can question the fact that Marina was a very professional woman, despite having a strong personality and the fact that the soap opera was described in various pejorative terms by her ex-husband, Alejandro. The character always seemed to want to show that she and her ex could be good friends, if they decided to do so. Ana Graham, like Marina, also built a successful career. In addition to being an actress, she is a producer, director and costume designer. There’s no doubt that she’s gotten even further than her character!

12. Víctor González (Fernando)

The unrequited lover who, with persistence and an almost supernatural patience, managed to win Mónica over, was played by Víctor González. Maybe he wasn’t exactly a protagonist in the plot, but his participation was so successful that it earned the actor several other invitations to work after the end of the soap opera. He lived important characters, for example, in La Candida🇧🇷 In addition, he returned to work with Bárbara Mori in Amor Descarado, although, on that occasion, they did not live as a couple.

Did you come to watch Woman look? What Mexican telenovela is your all-time favorite? Leave a comment with your opinions!

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