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11 Famous Brazilians who are friends with world stars and some of them we never imagined

When an artist has his work recognized in his own country and conquers fans for his talent and sympathy, we already admire him. And if you can get the attention of other celebrities of world fame? Then, it goes up to another level on the scale of success!

Here in the awesome.club, we are always connected in the trajectory of our national idols. And we went looking for which famous artists have friends who are true international stars. We found a list that might be surprising. Discover the history of the friendship of these celebrities.

1. Alcione and Axl Rose

The singer Alcione has always confessed to being a card-carrying fan of the lead singer of the band Guns n’ Roses, Axl Rose — to the point of paying tribute to the singer on her social networks. And it was on a trip of the star to Brazil, in 2014, that the two met to fulfill the dream of our eternal Brown.

2. Luciano Huck and Ashton Kutcher

Hollywood heartthrob Ashton Kutcher, famous for the series Two and a Half Men and the films Jobs, The Butterfly Effect among many others, is one of the stars who love Brazil and made friends here. The couple Luciano Huck and Angélica are always open to receive the actor in Tupiniquin lands.

3. Marina Ruy Barbosa and Jessica Alba

In addition to being beautiful and talented, actress Marina Ruy Barbosa is also a fashion entrepreneur. And it was at a very popular event — Paris Fashion Week — that she met fellow actress Jessica Alba, beloved in Brazil as the female representative of the movie Fantastic Four.

4. Serginho Groisman and Laura Pausini

Italian singer Laura Pausini and presenter Serginho Groisman became great friends. She stays at the journalist’s house when she comes to Brazil and is always on the show Altas Horas. All of the singer’s appearances are fun and relaxed, in a very friendly atmosphere.

5. Anderson Silva and Terry Crews

Anderson Silva and Terry Crews met while participating in a reality show Ultimate Beastmaster, produced by Netflix and by a mutual friend of the two, Sylvester Stallone. Since then, the friendship of the American fighter and multi-artist has been consolidated.

6. Thaila Ayala and Josh Hutcherson

Actress and model Thaila Ayala started to invest heavily in her international career a few years ago. And that’s how she worked with several international stars. In an appearance in the film The Long Home, she met actor Josh Hutcherson, famous for The Hunger Games, who became friends with the girl.

7. Rodrigo Santoro and Álvaro Morte

Actor Rodrigo Santoro already has a consolidated career in Hollywood. So it’s only natural that he makes friends among movie stars. One of the most recent is the actor Álvaro Morte, the beloved Professor in the series La Casa de Papel. They are working together on a new project: the Limitless series.

Here is one more proof that the Brazilian actor enchants the hearts of many people around the world. In addition to Álvaro Morte, Rodrigo Santoro, our Brazilian heartthrob, also won the friendship of another world icon. We’re talking about none other than Will Smith, with whom Santoro played opposite in Double Strike. Actress Margot Robbie completes the trio of friends.

8. Ronaldo and David Beckham

Two football stars, our Ronaldo Fenômeno and Englishman David Beckham, became friends when they played together at Real Madrid. Since then, whenever possible, they are seen in moments of partnership, as in the live promoted by the Brazilian striker to bring together the “Galácticos” Roberto Carlos, Luís Figo, David Beckham and Iker Casillas.

9. Neymar and Rihanna

Famous for “collecting starred friends”, player Neymar Jr. is always surrounded by celebrities. Among them, the singer Rihanna, who posed for a click with the ace in a post that rocked the Internet, with almost 4 million likes.

And it’s not just Rihanna! Sociable as he is, the “Ney boy” also makes friends in the work environment. He went from being an admirer to being a teammate of the elusive Lionel Messi as they played together at Barcelona. The two return to share the lawns at Paris Saint-Germain, the team that welcomed Messi after ending his contract with Barça.

10. Anita and Madonna

Another Brazilian celebrity who drags famous friends wherever she goes is the singer and businesswoman Anitta. Among so many stars in the gallery of colleagues and admirers, she has the greatest muse, Madonna, who, according to the funk artist, is responsible for helping to break stereotypes related to female behavior.

11. Carlinhos Brown and Shakira

The friendship between musician Carlinhos Brown and singer Shakira dates back to other times, when the Colombian, who is an international success, lived in Brazil. The musician already told in an interview that he called his friend’s son “my nephew”. In 2013, they signed a partnership that resulted in one of the songs from the 2014 World Cup.

Did you see how the bonds of admiration and friendship can bring together couples that even seemed unlikely? Which of these celebrities would you like to be friends with? Tell us here in the comments.

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