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10K Gold: a smart choice to invest in alliances

What is the best gold?

“Ah, so 10K gold is not good?” Calm! We will explain the differences between the levels of this metal. And here’s one spoiler: a purer alloy is not necessarily the best for making jewelry.

Carat (K) is the measurement that indicates the purity level of gold. So when we mention 10, 18 or 24K gold, we are referring to the gold content present in the alloy that makes up the jewelry.

24k gold is considered pure, as it is composed of 24 parts of gold, corresponding to 99.9% of the metal, with no added metallic alloys. And because it is pure, it is very malleable and soft, which makes parts made with it susceptible to damage and deformation easily. Therefore, metal alloys are inserted to make it more solid and resistant.

18K gold is formed from a mixture of 18 parts of gold plus 6 parts of other metals such as silver, copper or palladium. This combination results in jewelry with 75% gold and the other 25% other metals, which allows for the manufacture of more resistant and durable accessories.

14k gold, which is not common in the Brazilian jewelry market, but very common in the United States and Europe, is made up of 58.3% gold and 41.7% metal alloys. Next comes 10K gold with 41.6% gold and 58.4% other metal alloys.

Any gold jewelry is always very luxurious and elegant, the best gold is the one that best suits the needs of those looking for this alloy. You can choose between the rigidity and good value for money of alloys with a smaller amount of gold, such as 10K and 14K gold, or the tradition and elegance of 18K and 24K gold.

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