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10 Ways to eat some foods correctly, according to the rules of etiquette

When we sit down to eat with other people, we put into practice everything we’ve learned since childhood: don’t chew with your mouth open, don’t put your elbows on the table, don’t make noise when eating, don’t use your hands and much more…

However, there are certain foods with which it is not very easy to follow the protocols and, for fear of appearing rude, we end up eating the wrong way.

We, from awesome.club, we compiled a list of the most appropriate way to eat 10 foods, without breaking the rules of etiquette. Thus, you will be able to shine in your meetings, or when you want to make a good impression.

1. Soup

According to etiquette expert Rachel Wagner, the correct way to eat soup is to dip the spoon into the plate in a forward motion, fill the plate 2/3 of the way (never completely), bring it to your lips, and rotate it slightly to let it fall into our mouths. When we want every last drop on the plate, the right thing is to tilt it a little with one hand and scoop up the soup with the spoon, held in the other. You should never lift your plate from the table.

What we should avoid: blowing the hot soup, either on the plate or on the cutlery; sip it (or make noise with your mouth); playing with the spoon on the plate and we shouldn’t add biscuits or something extra that the chef didn’t offer.

2. Ribs

A good prime rib is always a pleasant culinary experience; however, it is usually filled with a sauce that is as delicious as it is sticky. Therefore, many choose to eat the ribs with a knife and fork. While this will avoid getting sticky fingers, it’s not the best way, as per the rules of etiquette.

The recommendation is to use your hands without fear. If it’s a very tender rib, you can cut it with your hands and separate it to eat one by one. If it’s a little more difficult, use a fork and knife just to separate them from the bone and then eat them with your hands. Make sure you have plenty of napkins nearby so you can wipe your fingers whenever needed.

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3. Artichokes

Artichokes are delicious hot or cold, but their appearance can seem very intimidating, especially the first time you eat them.

The correct way to do this is to use the petals one by one, starting at the base and dipping them in the sauce provided, then placing them in your mouth. With the teeth we must separate the pulp and leave aside the hard part of each of the petals.

At the end of all the petals, the center will remain, from which we will have to remove the soft top part to be left with the delicious center of the artichoke, which can be eaten completely.

4. Pizza

There is a “more correct” way to eat pizza: with your hands. We must avoid the use of fork and knife. So, in order not to make a mistake, the technique is very simple: take a slice of pizza with your hands, if it is too big, fold it into a U shape and start eating it from the tip, towards the edge. Very simple, right? That’s why we love pizza.

Of course, this rule does not always apply all over the world, including here in Brazil, but we leave here the tip given by the chef and we encourage you to eat as you wish.

5. Eclairs

An éclair is a dessert of French origin consisting of an elongated cylindrical pastry filled with soft pastry cream and dipped in chocolate. They are becoming very popular and many variations can already be found in many restaurants.

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According to the rules of etiquette, desserts of this type (filled with cream) should be eaten with the help of a special dessert fork and spoon. The latter will prevent the cream from jumping all over the place or leaving the place, since the fork is used to take the delicacy to the mouth. If the eclair is small in size and fits in one bite, use your hands.

6. Soft boiled eggs

Regularly served for breakfast, soft-boiled eggs are usually served on a special stand, in which the egg is held vertically. The best technique to consume it, according to some English chefs, is to make a horizontal cut with a knife, in the upper part of the shell.

Having made this opening, you can insert a spoon to mix the egg and season it with salt. Subsequently, it is possible to proceed in two ways: inserting a small piece of bread to extract the precious liquid, or using the spoon to scoop out the mixture and place it on toast.

7. Cupcakes

Cupcakes, like pizza, are not subject to strict rules of etiquette when eating them. There are people who eat the topping first and then the rest of the dough. Others do it the traditional way, biting into the frosting and dough simultaneously.

The only rule is to have fun when eating. Another suggestion is to make a kind of sandwich, cutting a part of the base of the dough and placing it on top of the topping to leave it as a filling.

8. Sushi

Sushi exists all over the world and, because it has many variations and flavors, it has become so versatile that it is possible to eat it in many ways. Standing or sitting, with your hands or with chopsticks (chopsticks), with soy sauce, wasabi, in one or several bites… well, the ways to eat it vary from place to place. It’s like Tokyo, here are some rules recommended by experts: Chopsticks are optional. Eating sushi with your hands is also acceptable. To dip it in soy sauce, you must do it on the fish side. If you do it on the rice side, it will fall apart. When you put it in your mouth, the first thing your tongue should touch is the fish. So you can enjoy the flavors the chef has planned. Be careful with wasabi. It is made to clean the palate between different flavors, not to be added as a seasoning.

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9. Peas and pods

Many dishes today include boiled peas or whole pods to add color and flavor to the dish. When consuming them, the problem may arise of having to chase them all over the plate and several of them flying off the table.

The correct way to eat them instead of trying to pierce them with a fork is to smash them with it. In this way, you will prevent them from flying and you will be fine with the other diners.

10. Burgers

A group of scientists and engineers took on the task of analyzing the physics and mechanics of hamburgers to determine the best way to eat them, as per science. According to the results, the best way is to hold it with both hands, placing the thumbs and pinky fingers on the underside of the bread and the other three fingers of each hand on the top. That way, you can grab it in a strong and safe way, preventing everything from spreading.

Like other foods listed here, hamburgers can be eaten however you like, but try to avoid using a knife and fork.

What other dilemmas have you faced when eating some food? We are waiting for your experiences in the comments.

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