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10 things women love to hear from their partners


Actions speak louder than words, but that doesn’t mean what you say doesn’t matter in your relationship. There are certain things that women appreciate, and they don’t always involve gifts and flowers. Often, reminders of how much you care about her can go far beyond these types of demonstrations.

When it comes to making a woman feel loved, think simple, kind and sweet. Keep these 10 phrases in mind the next time you want to make her smile:

1- “I am grateful to God for having you by my side”

Thank you is one of the most subtle and romantic ways to show your love for her. Especially after being together for years. It never hurts to remind her that you are grateful for everything she has done, is doing and will do alongside her.

2- “Let me help you”

Don’t assume that she will ask you for help when she needs it. Even if she is the type of person who likes to deal with her problems alone, she will still appreciate her attitude. Offer a helping hand, whether she really needs it or not. You can help her in indirect ways too, like bringing her a cold Coke when she’s stressed. #FicaTip

3- “I hope you know how much I love you”

Again, I’m sure she’s well aware, but “I love you” never hurts! It’s better to say these words in bulk than to forget to say them, so don’t be afraid to use them! While it’s great for her to hear this from her, never forget to show how much you love her with your actions!

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4- “I’m just calling to say hi”

Random calls aren’t just for dating days. Even if the two of you live together, it’s still sweet to get a call saying you’ve been thinking about her and can’t wait to see her later at home.

5- “I am a very lucky guy to have you in my life”

Hearing this will make her feel loved and appreciated.

6- “Tell me about your day”

It is very important to show that you are interested in her life. She’ll love that you’re willing to at least listen and comment, knowing you’d probably rather talk about anything else. Seriously, go for me! You don’t have to be enjoying what she’s saying, just show that you’re interested, not in the subject, but in the love you feel for her.

7- “You make me very happy”

If you are satisfied with your relationship and love being together, tell her that! It’s going to do a hell of a lot of good for her to know she’s an amazing partner. And knowing that things are going well will only benefit her relationship.

8- “I missed you today”

Even if you have already seen her in the morning, it is very important to tell her that you miss her. It shows that you just can’t get enough of her, and she’s going to love it.

9- “How beautiful you are”

If the word “beautiful” is not in your everyday vocabulary, I advise you to add it from now on! Many women prefer the word “beautiful” to “sexy”. This demonstrates that you notice her. Rest assured that this is very important to her!

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10- “For me, you are enough”

This is an especially important reminder at times when she is feeling insecure about herself or her relationship. Reassure her that there is no need to doubt because she is all you need most.

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