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10 Practical tricks to slim or enhance the silhouette of pregnant women

The way we combine each piece of our wardrobe can completely change the final result of a look🇧🇷 There are well-known styling tricks, such as using vertical stripes to “lengthen” your torso or wearing black to “slim down”. Today, we want to help pregnant women who, depending on the occasion, may want to highlight their “belly” or have the opposite result, slimming their silhouette.

Future moms tuned into fashion, beware, because the awesome.club gathered 10 styling tips that can help highlight or hide your belly during pregnancy. Check out!

10. Jeans

It’s amazing how wearing the “right” jeans can make all the difference, isn’t it? During pregnancy, it is common for a woman’s silhouette to look like an “inverted triangle” and for the belly and hips to draw more attention. So, most of the time, the legs end up looking “thinner” during pregnancy. type pants flare, which have a larger opening at the bar, are perfect for balancing the silhouette, precisely because they bring a “point of focus” to the lower part of the body. Already tight pants, the style skinnycan have the opposite effect.

9. Point of focus

And since we talk about focal points, we need to mention ruffles, embroidery and other adornments of the same kind. The position in which these details are in the look makes all the difference for pregnant women. If you want to show off your belly, bet on ruffles on the neckline or on the belly itself (as is the case with this beautiful white dress by Anne Hathaway). To disguise pregnancy, bet on focus points at the bottom of the look🇧🇷 the lower these points, the better. Note how the decorated hem of Natalie Portman’s yellow dress totally catches the eye.

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8. Neckline

The collage above is great proof that a neckline can totally change the intended result with the look🇧🇷 The two are wearing black, but the round collar usually highlights the belly, while the “V” neckline helps to elongate the silhouette.

7. Cut

Women who want to disguise their pregnancy should forget about clothes that have a cut (or a seam, if you prefer) right in the middle of the belly. In this case, it is better to choose combinations that make this “split” just below the chest and above the belly. Look how huge the difference is! And if you don’t have a dress like this in your closet, no problem. A long high-waisted skirt paired with a t-shirt “V” neckline creates the same effect.

6. Print X Plain color

You’ve probably heard the maxim that “print makes you fat”. Well, in general, this sentence is true (and the montage above can illustrate), but there are exceptions. If you are a pregnant woman who likes to wear prints a lot, but who wants to hide the size of her belly, pay attention to our next topics.

5. Prints

Yes, prints can highlight the pregnant belly even more, but each case is different. Smaller designs, like polka dots or very small flowers, are great. O look it looks feminine, elegant and, from a distance, the piece may even look like it has only one color — which is in line with the previous topic. But future moms who want to attract attention to all the beauty of this phase can use and abuse the larger prints, which show the “belly”.

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4. stripes

This is also a well-known trick. The horizontal stripes “fatten up” and the vertical ones “lose weight”, helping to elongate the silhouette. However, you need to think about the previous topic. That is, the thinner and “closer” the vertical lines are, the better the effect of hiding the belly. The wider the horizontal lines, the more you will highlight the “belly”.

3. Overlay

Another trick to disguise the belly is to assemble overlays to create vertical lines that elongate the silhouette (as in the photo on the right). And that doesn’t necessarily have to be done with a coat. If you live in a warmer region, know that you can have the same result with a “lighter” scarf around your neck. Thus, eyes are likely to be diverted to the accessory.

And what would be the other way around? Show your belly, of course! The tops and the t-shirts of style cropped, which seem to be cut just below the bust, are fresh options for the summer. Both look super stylish on pregnant women.

2. Jeans

Here’s another pants hack. If you don’t want to abandon jeans during pregnancy, know that models with a low waistband (just below the belly) tend to highlight the silhouette of the pregnant woman.

The models suitable for pregnant women, which have an anatomical waistband and can go up to the waist, are great for making women more slender (and comfortable). If you don’t have a model like this at home, no problem. Wear high-waisted jeans—or sweatpants—to create the same effect.

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1. Scholarship

An accessory can make all the difference. In one of the topics of this post, we talked about how a scarf can help disguise pregnancy, but know that even the size of the bag can give a totally different result.

In the collage above, the two are wearing orange jumpsuits and black bags, but can you see how different the effect is? Larger bags “pull” our eyes, which ends up disguising the size of the belly. Smaller bags can have the opposite effect.

What was your favorite piece of clothing while pregnant? Tell us or post a picture of yours looks in the comments. Who knows, maybe you inspire the future moms in our community?

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