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10 Pairs of Brazilian actors who brilliantly shared the same role

For a film to happen in the best way, many things are taken into account, such as script, production, shooting and, of course, a good actor — one who will convey all the emotions in the right way. When the film tells the character’s entire trajectory, things get even more complicated, because in addition to finding an actor, it is necessary to get two or more. In addition, they need to have similar physical characteristics and must show complete synchrony, after all, they are playing the same person.

With that, we awesome.club, we gathered 10 pairs of Brazilian actors who were wonderful sharing the same role in movie theaters. Check out!

1. Douglas Silva and Leandro Firmino shared the role of Dadinho or rather Zé Pequeno, in Cidade de Deus

City of God is a classic of Brazilian cinema, being considered the second most watched foreign film in the world. In addition to the story that holds viewers in front of the television, the production also discovered names that would remain for a long time among the outstanding actors of national cinema, including Douglas Silva, who has already competed for an Emmy for another production. It was with him that Leandro Firmino shared the role of Dadinho, or rather, Zé Pequeno.

2. Chambinho do Acordeon and Adélio Lima in Gonzaga: from Father to Son shared the main character

The film Gonzaga: de Pai para Filho narrates the life trajectory of the singer and composer Luiz Gonzaga, the King of Baião, from his difficult relationship with his son Gonzaguinha. In order to tell the story of the older Gonzaga, some actors were needed, both in childhood with Land Vieira, until the older phase with Chambinho do Acordeon and Adélio Lima. The feature took more than a million people to the cinema, and was even adapted as a miniseries.

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3. Márcio Kieling and Dáblio Moreira shared the life of Zezé di Camargo in Dois Filhos de Francisco

Dois Filhos de Francisco was a box office success and there’s no denying that, the feature tells the trajectory of the brothers Zezé di Camargo and Luciano until success. In addition to presenting the story and all the effort that the parents, Helena and Francisco, needed to make for the young people to achieve everything they wanted. To play sertanejo singers during their lives, more than one actor was necessary, so Dáblio Moreira and Márcio Kieling shared the role of Zezé.

4. Valentina Herszage and Andréa Beltrão relived Hebe’s glorious years, in Hebe: A Estrela do Brasil

Valentina Herszage has been conquering a lot of space on television, but one of her first notable works was playing the young Hebe, in Hebe: A Estrela do Brasil. The feature, which was also adapted for television, tells the life story of the presenter. And to live the communicator in the adult phase, Andréa Beltrão assumed the character, needing to do a long job of characterization, bleaching her hair many times.

5. The brothers Ravel and Júlio Andrade lived together the role of Paulo Coelho in the film Não Pare na Pista — A Melhor História de Paulo Coelho

6. Bárbara Colen was quite prominent in Bacurau, but the actress had already shared another film and character with Sônia Braga, in Aquarius

Bárbara Colen was one of the highlights of Bacurau, but before that the actress had already participated in outstanding productions. In Aquarius, she gave life to the younger version of the protagonist, Clara, played by Sônia Braga: “When I saw her for the first time, I was paralyzed. She soon came to talk to me to break the mood. I had a very beautiful meeting with Sônia, which I will remember forever”.

7. Duda Batista and Larissa Manoela shared the role of Fala Sério, Mãe!

The movie Speak Seriously, Mom! was based on the book of the same name by writer Thalita Rebouças. To live the main character, Malu, two names shared the role: Duda Batista, during childhood, and Larissa Manoela, in adolescence. The film talks about the relationship between mother Angela Cristina, Ingrid Guimarães, and her daughter during the many stages of life.

8. In A Vida Invisível, Carol Duarte played the younger version of Fernanda Montenegro

Fernanda Montenegro has an extensive career and, in 2019, she added another film to her curriculum: A Vida Invisível. For this role, she shared the character with Carol Duarte, who became well known after playing the young transgender, Ivan Garcia, in the soap opera A Força do Querer. In the film, they share the character Eurídice, a talented young woman, but quite introverted.

9. Tim Maia was very well represented by Robson Nunes and Babu Santana

In Tim Maia’s film, we have the singer’s entire trajectory told from his childhood to adulthood and the arrival of success. With that, it was necessary for more than one actor to portray the story. Therefore, Robson Nunes faced the character in the younger phase, being replaced in the second stage by Babu Santana, who has already played roles like Jávai in Eu amo Paraisópolis and also participated in the 20th edition of Big Brother Brasil.

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10. Ana Karolina Lannes and Mariana Xavier played the same role in Minha Mãe é Uma Peça, both gave life to Marcelina

My Mother is a Piece was so successful that it won three films. Among the prominent characters was Marcelina, who was mostly played by Mariana Xavier. However, in childhood, the character gained another face, Ana Karolina Lannes, who became better known when playing Ágata, in Avenida Brasil.

Which of these do you think did the best job? Do you remember any other actor or actress who shared the same character? Share with us in the comments!

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