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10 Mistakes in Great Movies Only the Most Attentive Viewers Can Notice

Making movies is really a lot of work and requires the dedication of many people who work day and night so that all the details come out exactly as planned. However, despite the efforts of the production team, small continuity errors can always happen, and often they even make it through the final editing process.

Thinking about it, the awesome.club listed some successful films with small mistakes that only the most attentive viewers can notice.

1. They forgot me

They forgot me is a classic in the history of cinema and features a beautiful performance by young actor Macaulay Culkin. However, the film has a continuity error that not everyone notices. It happens when the protagonist is washing clothes and places an orange bottle on top of the washing machine.

When the camera changes shots, the bottle appears with the cap placed differently from how it was left in the previous shot.

2. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

The Lord of the Rings trilogy marked a before and after in the history of cinema. However, even a big production like this doesn’t escape small mistakes. In the second film, when Faramir approaches the two main hobbits, Sam’s cloak changes position from one image to another, and Frodo’s hair suddenly appears differently.

3. ET The Extra-Terrestrial

4. The Avengers — The Avengers

Although the films in the saga are really well done, they are also not free from making some mistakes. Have you noticed that the reactor that holds Tony Stark suddenly disappears at certain points in the 2012 film? And this happens even when he wears the same T-shirt with which the reactor was visible before.

5. Matrix

The first Matrix movie was a huge success for science fiction lovers, but it’s not perfect either. In the scene where Neo is guided by Morfeo and his cell phone falls, in the first image it is possible to see the street full of people, but soon afterwards it appears empty.

6. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

In the first movie about the most famous wizard in the world, before Harry’s first flight on the broom we see some wavy locks in Hermione’s hair. In the following images, these ripples are much smaller and some even disappear.

7. MIB — Men in Black

The first film in the saga was a great success at the box office and established Will Smith as a great star. However, the film has a small error in the conversation that Agents K and J have with Zed, where we can see Tommy Lee Jones crossing and uncrossing his legs between one sequence and another, with no apparent movement in between.

8. The Lion King

9. Alice in Wonderland

The new version of the Lewis Carroll classic adapted by Tim Burton turned out to be a huge success at the box office. However, it has an error that not everyone is able to notice, because it is something that appears very quickly. When Alice escapes the wedding to chase the white rabbit, when she enters the hole, her heels are not the same as in the previous scene.

10. Batman: The Dark Knight

Batman: The Dark Knight is another watershed film in the history of superhero movies, especially for Heath Ledger’s great performance as the Joker. At the beginning of the film, we can observe in a conversation between Batman and Commissioner Gordon that when the bat man appears, the woman who accompanied the policeman turns around, but in the next image she is much closer to the door.

Do you remember any other mistakes you saw in a famous movie? And do you think these details affect the final result?

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