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10 Cities That Value Dogs As They Deserve

Only those who have a dog know how dramatic it is to want to travel and not have a place to leave your friend. Often, taking a dog along makes the trip much more expensive. But leaving your pet in a pet hotel can be a real pain in the ass. In addition, we are always apprehensive about how the city or country we intend to visit will treat our best friends if they board with us.

Unfortunately, this situation is not easy to resolve. But, to lighten the drama a bit, the incredible.club prepared a list of 10 cities that are super welcoming towards animals. They have many attractions and places that people can visit with their pets.

1. San Francisco

According to a survey conducted by SmartAsset, San Francisco is the most dog-friendly city in the United States. The study compared different variables from 100 American cities, including the number of parks, restaurants and shopping centers able to receive dogs, places to walk, costs involved and days without rain. Of all the cities evaluated, San Francisco was the only one with a perfect score.

2. Paris

Parisian society reserves a special place for dogs. It is very easy to find establishments that accept animals. Almost all parks and public squares do not allow entry and, therefore, many other places allow free access. That way, people have multiple options for places to go for a walk. In addition, apartments are usually 30 m², which forces people to go out with their four-legged friends for a walk.

3. Berlin

Berlin is one of the most suitable cities in Germany to welcome dogs. There are more than 100,000 of them officially registered in the city, but people claim that there are almost twice as many unregistered. In the German capital, you can find areas for dogs to exercise and even tourist visits for people with pets. But public spaces have their rules and it is very important that they are respected, so that coexistence between people and animals is always good.

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4. Amsterdam

In most cities, places must post signs indicating that dogs are allowed. In Amsterdam, the opposite happens. Places that do not have a notice indicating the ban usually accept animals. The most incredible thing is that even in public transport, the animals walk peacefully and without paying. The only exception is trains. But there is a Day Pass special for them.

5. Zurich

Switzerland is a country that respects animals a lot. To have a dog you need to pass a written test, like a kind of driver’s license. But the city of Zurich stands out among the rest for being the second European destination with more “dog friendly” hotels🇧🇷 of the world. Finding good accommodation for your four-legged friend is not a big problem there.

6. Barcelona

Barcelona has been trying to improve its receptivity towards dogs for some years now. A great example is EntreDogs, a space that gives dogs full prominence (but of course owners are also welcome). The number of establishments that accept animals has also increased a lot and there is already a large number of hotels for dogs.

7. New York

8. Lisbon

In 2017, a law came into force in Portugal that establishes that dogs are not objects; they are living beings. Officially, owners have obligations towards animals: to provide food, drink and medical attention. Furthermore, actions that may cause injury, pain or distress to pets can lead to many years in prison. The norm also reduced taxes for veterinary expenses by 15%. And another interesting aspect: property owners cannot not rent them because the interested party has pets.

9. Rome

Some people joke that it’s possible to see more dogs than children in Rome. Historically, dogs have always been associated with wealth in Italy. An example of this is the fact that some fountains have accessories with a rounded shape so that our friends can drink water.

10. Tel Aviv

And last on our list, but not least, is Tel Aviv, which has been standing out in recent years as one of the most “dog friendly” cities in the world. On August 26th, National Dog Day is celebrated, with a festival for dog rights that brings together more than 30,000 people in the streets. Tel Aviv has over 70 dog parks and launched the world’s first dog TV channel: DOGTV.

Have you ever visited any of these cities? What others do you know who know very well how to treat animals? We await your comment.

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