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Witch in real life – The truth about these women

Since the beginning of , we have always sought to demystify the bad way in which witches were seen. We know that in recent years, movies, books, even cartoons, have been putting an end to this idea of ​​being evil. However, there are still a lot of people who don’t think so, and that’s why, one more year we are here to explain to you the history of witch in real life.

As a special Halloween theme, we invited Wiccan priestesses, Fabíola Cota and Nadini Lopes, to talk a little about what it is really like to be a witch in real life.

So if you want to know more about the Wiccan religion, how witches are only about female empowerment and the value of nature, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out!

The origin of witches in real life

As children, we are surrounded by fairy tales that treat witches as mean, heartless and ready to eat children alive. Over the years, witchcraft began to be treated as supernatural and not so bad magic. Because of that we had successes in this fantasy world that made even an entire generation fall in love with Harry Potter.

But even though we all love the little wizard who survived, reality is quite different than fiction.

“Nowadays the witch is pop, that is, it’s cool to be a witch. This has become synonymous with an empowered woman and that many women like to call themselves, but who actually do not understand what it is to be a witch”, says Fabiola.

That’s why the idea of ​​fictional magic makes people completely misinterpret what the real essence of witchcraft is. That is why it is important that we know the history of the past so as not to end up making this spirituality something banal.

“The term witches came up in a pejorative way. This happened when, back in the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church (in the Inquisition period) wanted to turn the healing practices of women who were caregivers and handled herbs into a bad practice.”, explains Nadini.

“They turned all this knowledge of women into a practice of the devil” continues explaining how the Church did everything to discredit these women, making them enemies of society. “Writer Silvia Federici Tino, in the book Caliban and the Witch, talks about how this period was an instrument of the Church to transform women even more into something bad within society”.

Nadini is a priestess in Wicca and that’s why she thinks it’s important to explain that it was because of this period and several others that emerged overthrowing the power of women that her religion was created.

During the years 1955/56, when the last inquisitorial law in England fell, Gerald Gardner rescued the term witch to make it positive. So, he created Wicca based on religions that already existed, that had a connection with the divine, to show that it was not something bad, negative, but a very beautiful religion of communion with nature.

But unfortunately the demystification didn’t happen so fast as to prevent the macabre legends about witches from spreading around the world:

“It is important that we talk about this, because we are raised from an early age seeing the term witchcraft as something bad. The ideas that Hollywood films convey end up turning witches into the bad woman with warts on the tip of her nose and who eats children”, points out Nadini.

Agreeing with the point of view, Fabíola completes with “The witch was already seen with a dangerous woman who should be avoided and that is why she was ugly, a lonely old woman who hides in the forest”, and the priestess Lopes ends by explaining that “With the Wicca we learn that the witch is a person who has communication with nature and natural cycles.”

The connection between Halloween and the witch in real life

Halloween is a very important holiday in the northern hemisphere. It is so strong that it already impacts us in Brazil that we have no direct connection with it. But the truth is that your story is much more than going after costumes, asking for sweets and getting ready not to receive your order.

The truth is that in pagan religions they believe that on October 31st the veil between the world of the dead and the living is very thin. So thin that spirits are able to walk among the living. That’s when the Jack-o’-lantern pumpkin story begins.

“Afraid that these spirits could be bad or do something malicious to people who were on Earth, witches make these lighted pumpkins that are called Jack-o’-lanterns to ward off evil spirits,” says Nadini, showing that some symbols are linked to these religions and often people don’t even know.

She completes by telling us that Halloween is a wizarding new year because of the power that the night of that day has. But it’s not something to do evil rituals but to celebrate life. So much so that the name Halloween has its origin in the word “Hallow Eve” which means Saint’s Eve, related to All Saints’ Day, which the Catholic Church turned into something Christian, but which pagan religions already cultivated this day in celebration of the dead. .

The fantasies really had their origin in this idea of ​​hiding from the evil spirits that night they walked the Earth. But it also has the influence of the Church itself, as Christians also dressed as saints on this date considered sacred and walked through the cities.

But despite this event having its origins through paganism and witchcraft, it is important to know that this folk festival has become a tradition that has no relation and connection with the real habits of witches today.

But after all, who is the witch in real life?

When asked about this, Fabiola responded as follows:

“Real-life witches are ordinary people. They are women who work to pay the bills, who need to study, go to college and strive to have a profession. They have friends, go to the movies, nightclubs and do series marathons. They have a family, children and are also housewives.

“That’s why it’s very likely that you’ve already crossed paths with some witches on a bus, at a cultural exhibition, and because they are so common, you at least noticed”, he concluded.

And you may be asking yourself that ‘what do you mean witches aren’t the ones who always walk in black with a pentagram around their necks?’ or ‘Aren’t they the ones who have a more natural lifestyle?’.

But Fabiola also answered that with “they too”.

Then she explains that “The truth is that witches can be whatever they want, they can wear whatever they want, do whatever they want, because they are free. And that’s why it’s not possible to try to fit them into a pattern.

“The witch is that woman who harmonizes with her own cycles that reflect the cycles of nature even in big cities. The witch is one who understands the importance of unity and rejects separation.

“That’s why the witch is that woman who adds to many women who claim that they were born witches, but the truth that everyone needs to understand is that you are not born a witch to become a witch.

“Witchcraft is a way of life it takes a lot of knowledge, a lot of personal effort and practice to be a witch, witch, you know? It’s a craft, just like medicine or engineering. Nobody is born a doctor or an engineer, it takes much more than a personal taste for the profession to get the title of this professional. It takes study, dedication and – most importantly in this regard – practice. After all, no doctor can be called a doctor if he does not practice his profession daily, studying and renewing himself every year.

“Witchcraft is practical! The witch needs to practice her magic every day and magic is the act of changing her own reality consciously. In fact, conscience is another word that defines a witch, because she needs to be aware of herself and the world around her.

“That’s why she is free, because if you have conscience, you have responsibility. And then you live according to your conscience and that is being a witch.”

And then, did you like to know how the witches in real life in truth? So, enjoy and check out more about the Wicca religion, witchcraft rituals and the origin of Halloween:

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