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To dream that you are hitting someone: a child, relative, animal and more!

Dreams are reflections of our feelings, emotions and what we repress and our subconscious puts out as a dream. In this way, dreaming that you are hitting someone refers to violence, aggressiveness and impulsiveness. But this dream also reveals the presence and effects of repressed feelings and things that bother us that we end up hiding for some reason.

In this way, unlike what the dream indicates, dreaming that you are hitting someone brings up points that we need to work on ourselves. Therefore, the dream invites us to take action to change these problematic points and thus get rid of these repressed feelings.

Therefore, to discover all the meanings of dreaming that you are hitting someone, be sure to check out our complete guide on this topic. Good reading.

Dreams carry many meanings. Thus, the meaning of dreaming that you are hitting someone brings many revelations about your inner self. But the meaning changes depending on the context, i.e. who you are hitting in the dream. Check out all about the meanings of this dream just below.

Dreams don’t always send us direct messages. So, dreaming that you are hitting a child actually reveals that you have been very cruel to yourself. That is, he believes that he is going over his principles, ignoring them. Despite this behavior, being cruel to yourself will not fix things.

Thus, you must reflect on what is leading you to act like that and how you can act differently. You steer the boat of your life, so it’s up to you to adjust the direction. In the face of all this, analyze where you want to go, who you want to be and change to be recognized that way.

It is very common for those who already have a child to dream that they are hitting their child. But despite the scene that takes place in the dream, it expresses his desire to have more space for himself. This is a very frequent desire in women, since they need to dedicate a lot of time to their child(ren).

Therefore, it’s important to look for moments when you can turn to yourself, even if it’s 5 minutes. This way, if you have a partner or someone who helps you in some way, talk to her about your need.

When we don’t express our feelings and emotions, the subconscious finds a way to get rid of that feeling. In this way, dreaming that you are hitting your husband represents conflicts and resentments between you and your partner.

In the face of this, you need to reflect on this relationship since the dream reveals that you are not comfortable in it. Therefore, the way to solve this is to invite the partner to a dialogue and show how you feel. That is, if the relationship is really important to you, you should come up with a solution to this problem together.

Although it represents a condemnable action by society, dreaming that you are beating your wife has a meaning contrary to the dream scene. That is, this dream indicates that the relationship between you and your partner is sweet and that it tends to become deeper.

Also, dreaming that you are beating your wife means that you will have a harmonious life and a peaceful professional life. Therefore, dreaming that you are beating your wife is a sign that your life will have love, happiness and harmony. So, just enjoy this gift that life has given you and be happy.

Despite dreaming that you are hitting a woman, this dream means that after working for so long, you will be able to enjoy the achievements and rewards. However, the dream is also a sign to be alert with your financial situation.

Also, this dream reveals that you are letting yourself be influenced by your feelings and sacrificing yourself for someone else. However, you shouldn’t get so attached to feelings, as they can limit you and delay you on the path of your dreams. Even so, you remain focused to pursue your goals.

The things or people that appear in our dreams are symbols that our subconscious uses to send messages. In this way, dreaming that you are hitting your ex represents a current or past passion or it could be something like a hobby, work. In short, something you liked or like a lot.

So, if in the dream the ex is represented by a woman, the dream reveals that you need to reconnect with your divine feminine energy. But if in the dream the ex is represented by a man, the dream reflects the need to work on your creative side and strength.

In dreams, actions have different meanings than in real life. In this way, dreaming that you are hitting a boyfriend reveals that you are a person who needs contact with other people, who likes to feel part of a group. But despite this, you are shy and practical, so you tend to isolate yourself when you are not with people you trust.

Also, this dream indicates a phase in which you want to try new things in terms of sex, as you believe that it will be possible to rekindle the flame of passion. But beware, as this could be a sign of a lack of confidence in yourself.

Many people have relationship problems with their mother. Therefore, dreaming that you are hitting your mother reveals feelings of anger and disagreements between you and your mother or someone who plays this role in your life.

But dreaming that you are hitting your mother also indicates a conflict with this more maternal side that you have, which takes care of others, which is understanding and affectionate. Therefore, you must analyze why you have been feeling this way and what you can do to overcome this unpleasant feeling.

Relationship between parents and children can be complicated and conflicting. Therefore, dreaming that you are hitting your father suggests disagreements, anger and memories that generate aggression. However, since you cannot express it in real life, the subconscious makes it appear in your dream.

In this way, the relationship is under control, but it does not change the feeling between you. Furthermore, dreaming that you are hitting your father also reveals an inverse situation. That is, this dream is indicative of feelings of guilt and discomfort towards your father.

If you dream that you are hitting a friend, it is an indication that you are in disagreement about some aspect. As you did not talk to resolve the disagreement, the relationship between you is strained. In this way, the dream is a sign that you should forget about it and move on.

After all, most disagreements between friends happen over trivial things. Therefore, it is not worth sustaining this situation to the point of losing the friendship, after all, disagreements will always exist since people are different from each other. And respecting the opinion of the other and living in harmony is what makes us friends.

Dreams reflect our feelings. So, dreaming that you are hitting an enemy expresses your feelings towards that person. Despite this, dreaming that you are hitting an enemy also represents the barriers that you need to overcome to be happy. Faced with this scenario, you have been feeling worried.

Therefore, it is time to stop and reflect on the moment and what must be done to overcome life’s adversities, as there will always be one to overcome. In the same way, there will always be someone who will be in the position of our enemy and you need to learn to live with that without letting it affect your life and your goals.

It may happen that you dream that you are hitting an acquaintance. Thus, the dream reflects something you are feeling, that is, some situation involving someone made you feel irritated and uncomfortable. In this way, you are reaching your limit in relation to these people.

In the face of this, it is necessary to act with calm and poise so as not to take hasty actions in the heat of emotion and which you will regret. But, if that doesn’t cause changes, it’s best to distance yourself from that person and move on with your life.

When dreaming that you are hitting a stranger, your subconscious reveals that you yearn to be respected. However, this unrequited desire is driving you to act aggressively at work, with family and friends. However, it is not by acting aggressively that you will get people’s respect.

On the contrary. You must act respectfully towards people and then you can earn the respect you desire. In addition, as you act more rationally, showing that you are maturing, people will begin to see you with different eyes and respect you.

When you dream that you are hitting a relative, it shows that there is resentment between you and that relative. Therefore, it is a situation that needs to be resolved because you will have to live with this relative for the rest of your life. Furthermore, this unresolved situation affects the whole family. Therefore, take the initiative to resolve this issue.

So, either you call that person to talk and resolve the issue, or you ignore what’s happening and move on with life. However, you must go without hard feelings, without hurt feelings or else the unpleasant weather will continue.

It is normal for dreams to have more than one meaning. In this way, dreaming that you are hitting someone who has already died has more than one interpretation. Therefore, this dream means that you need to reevaluate your behavior towards people, as you have been unfair to someone. Therefore, you must correct this posture.

Also, dreaming that you are hitting someone who has already died can be an omen of a leisure trip. In this way, start preparing to live this moment. That way, when the time comes, you’ll be ready.

Dreams have strange ways of passing messages. Dreaming that you are hitting someone with something can be analyzed in different ways depending on what you are using to hit or who you are hitting. Just below you find out everything about this dream.

Some dreams are more like nightmares. And this is the case of dreaming that you are hitting someone with a whip. After all, the whip is a symbol of torture, as this object was used for this purpose for a long time.

Therefore, dreaming that you are hitting someone with a whip means that you will have to deal with insults. Therefore, the dream shows that you will go through difficult situations in which you need to act wisely and calmly. But…

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