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The Best Spells to Sell a House or Property Fast

Today we will see a powerful spell that will help you sell a house or property

Have you ever been worried about selling a house or apartment? Have you had several opportunities to sell it and it never works out well? It is very sad and exhausting when we have to sell our house, either due to lack of money or even debt, so it is worth everything to make the sale even a spell.

Today I bring you, dear readers of the site, a great spell that can be done at any time, it is the spell to sell a property.

A spell to sell a house needs to be quite powerful so that your paths are open, new and effective energies can flood the home and you can make an excellent deal the way you always dreamed of.

What spell should we do to sell a house fast?

The spell to sell a property is quite simple, but like all sympathies for all purposes, it needs to be done both with faith and without negative thoughts that can somehow block the positive energy necessary for it to work properly and therefore you can make the sale that you want so much.

Materials needed to perform this spell:

For this spell to sell a house you will only need a jar of cinnamon powder, a container (it can be plastic, glass, whatever) that is shallow

Preparation: Take the cinnamon and place it in a shallow container, a little below its limit. Place a little in your hand and blow into the door jambs of the exit doors of the house (even the garage door).

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In the case of an apartment, only at the access doors, such as the entrance and the service door. Whenever the cinnamon blows on the shutters, ask that the property be sold well and quickly, with great faith.

When you are going to do the last door, which should preferably be the main one, do the procedure blowing the cinnamon, but read the following sentence:

“Oh mighty San Antonio, oh mighty Saint Onofre, oh mighty San Cipriano, I invoke your powers to achieve my objective of selling that house (apartment) for (value that you wish to achieve in the sale of the house) so that a buyer appears crazy to buy my property.

He will come, he will not place restrictions, he does not care about the place, he wants to be at home more than anything and he can be very and immensely happy here!

I ask that all the forces of good help me at this time, that the buyer does not see another house except mine and that he wants to carry out the business urgently.

I believe and I am going to sell this house for (value that wants to sell the property) that I want so much to be able to start my life over, and that the buyer also has a wonderful life here. One helping the other. Amen.

Spell number 2 to sell a property


Three branches of rue;
A basin;
A coconut;
A cloth;


Put the rice in the pot and all the other ingredients and mix well. When they are well mixed, place water in the pot and bring to a boil and turn off the heat. Let everything cool and take the rice to a bag and the rest of the ingredients to another.

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Place the rice for 1 day at the entrance of your house and at the end of 24 hours it joins the other ingredients and places it in a river or in another place with running water.

I hope that the sympathy to sell a house or property works, because if it works with others, it will also work with you. Deposit all your faith and do not have negative thoughts. If in doubt, leave your comment below.

Video prayer to sell a house well sold

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