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Saturn in Scorpio – Its Mysterious and Focused Characteristics

The birth chart is one of the astrological ways to better understand ourselves. If you did yours and found that Saturn in Scorpio, it’s because you have a very strong personality. After all, this is the planet that influences the way you deal with limits and responsibilities. Located in this Water sign, your characteristics can be more mysterious, well thought out and focused. Want to know more to improve your self-knowledge? So check it out now!

The characteristics of those who have Saturn in Scorpio

Generally, those who were born with this placement are intelligent, persistent and obstinate people, at the same time, spiteful and aloof. They have very strong feelings, with strong emotions, and are extremely competitive and strategists. They are also very demanding and impatient. Professionally, they try to be discreet.

They can be considered suspicious and jealous. But the truth is that these natives prefer discretion and privacy, especially in family life. On the other hand, they are vindictive and cruel and have the power of manipulation.

Those born with Saturn in Scorpio have cold blood as their weapon. They know very well how to use sarcasm. Intolerance is also part of their behavior. They are also seen as vain and arouse the curiosity of others, precisely because they are a mystery in the eyes of people, just like the natives of Sun in Scorpio.

They may tend towards permanent consumption and a way of life completely focused on the satisfaction that material goods can provide.

The way of acting related to Saturn in Scorpio

A negative side of those who have Saturn in Scorpio is the feeling of anger that can be evident at certain times. Those born with this placement have a very incisive and categorical way of dominating actions and situations.

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These natives must always be in control. They need to feel in charge, to be respected to be at ease with life. They can’t stand the idea of ​​being dominated by another person, especially if they see them as weak.

As for work, we can consider people with Saturn in Scorpio to be a real machine. They do everything with a lot of conviction and with a lot of power. They are so greedy that they sometimes run over others.

Saturn in Scorpio represents the intrinsic psychological side of people. They can have their feelings transformed through suffering and restrictions. The sensation of pain also affects your consciousness.

Saturn’s Responsibility Regarding Scorpio’s Sex

Saturn, the planet of responsibility, in Scorpio, the sign of sex, when together, make relationships more intense and pleasurable. The biggest issue, however, is that for the native to feel good in the relationship, the intimacy needs to be deep. Every commitment you get involved in, there needs to be complicity, otherwise the experiences can be horrendous.

Scorpio is the most intense sign of the Zodiac, and with Saturn in it, it can adopt a more radical stance than usual. And that goes for sex too. If it is not good, there is no depth in the relationship, they can be very impetuous and relentless with their partner.

How to deal with Saturn in Scorpio in some situations

To overcome all the difficulties that Saturn in Scorpio can bring, a good tip is to seek to maintain balance and self-control, especially emotional. This placement in your birth chart can make you a little paranoid. So it’s possible that you tend to take things personally too often. It’s a trend, which becomes an obsession. This behavior is accentuated due to being a very prudent, cautious and suspicious sign.

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If you are a person who has other houses in Water or Fire which are the more emotional signs, you may have some characteristics that are more defensive rather than attacking. This is because you may end up acting thoughtlessly and rashly. Unfortunately, only maturity can solve this ‘problem’.

Now if it’s someone with the Earth or Air sign, you won’t be so defensive and withdrawn. It will be easier to trust people more and may prove beneficial to the native in this regard.

The fear that Saturn carries for all signs increases distrust. When positioned in Scorpio, this feeling can block people from getting emotionally involved, for fear of getting hurt. They can’t stand the idea of ​​getting hurt, much less accept the possibility of being betrayed.

That is why it is common for the native in this aspect to ‘hide’, not to expose herself. You have to face this fear to live better and enjoy life. However, with fear aside, and emotionally involved, those who have Saturn in Scorpio can make their partner’s life a little hell. For being very intense, at the same time insecure, in the love field in particular, they seek to control everything, and in a very possessive way.

They want to be the center of the relationship, and especially the other person. To have healthier relationships, the native needs to work better on the possession issue.

Other Characteristics of Saturn in Scorpio

Native women with this placement seek to spend every moment with their partner, good and bad. And this is not for everyone. Furthermore, they are dedicated, committed, loyal and faithful.

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Saturn being well aspected, without tension, makes the natives have a lot of willpower and energy to achieve their goals. Even subtly, coldly and calculatingly, they seek to achieve their goals.

Another positive point is that Saturn throws Scorpio energy in the direction of success. It is enough to channel this force to achieve your desires and ambitions.

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