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Gypsy Deck – Meaning of Card 13 – The Child – Blog

THE card The Child of the Gypsy Deck it means our most spontaneous and true side, naivety. The child that lives inside each one, the posture of being open to life. It also symbolizes childhood and children.

As it is associated with the suit of Spades, the A Criança card is also related to aspirations and initiatives and reminds us of the importance of seeking within ourselves the joy and optimism necessary to initiate new projects and life plans.

In love, the letter The Child it could mean pregnancy, depending on the neighboring cards, or that new and positive things are about to happen. Joviality, purity of intentions and feelings.

if the card The Child of the Gypsy Deck is close to the card The Rat means problems that exist but that are still small and unimportant, but must be faced so that they do not get worse and bring other consequences.

The gypsy card The Child can also signify immaturity and irresponsibility.

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