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Runa Berkana – Discover its meanings and symbologies

The Berkana rune, also called Berkano or Beorc, is part of the third set of Old Futhark runes, alphabet and powerful oracle of Norse origin.

If she appeared in a game, don’t worry! This is a positive rune that represents fertility, birth and family.

Check out the symbolisms, interpretations and meanings of the Berkana rune!

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Meaning of the Berkana rune

Representing the sound of the letter “B”, the Berkana rune is a rune that symbolizes fertility and everything related to birth, growth and renewal.

Its symbology is linked to the birch, a tree that, in addition to signifying beginnings for European cultures, represented the first month of the new year for the Celts. This tree was also a symbol of rebirth, as it is the first to sprout in the spring after the end of winter. One of the characteristics of birch is its ability to spread quickly, and for this reason, the Berkana rune symbolizes rapid growth.

The energy of the Berkana rune is totally feminine: it is linked to fertility, to the life-giving power and also to the protection and nourishment that comes with motherhood; therefore, this rune represents the Great Mother of all creation. This relationship can be seen in the shape of the Berkana rune, which illustrates the breasts and the womb that carries life during pregnancy.

Another symbolism connecting the Berkana rune and motherhood is expressed in the power to guard that which has been created, protecting and nurturing it until the right moment of “birth” arrives; the concept of the mother-child relationship applies to projects under development.

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This rune also governs the phases of human life, going through birth and growth, to marriage and finally death.

Interpretations of the Berkana rune in a game

In general, the meaning of the Berkana rune is linked to new beginnings, new beginnings and good news. It is a positive stone that predicts a period of good things, happiness and achievements. Any question asked will have a positive result, however, if accompanied by more negative runes, the result will not be permanent.

As it is a rune linked to the family environment, its presence in a game indicates that something good in this field is about to happen: perhaps the birth of a child, perhaps a marriage. This rune is also about personal relationships, especially those where there is emotional support. The Berkana rune also indicates that it is a good period for favorable relationships with women.

In the professional field, good news is also on the way: a promotion at work could be on the way. It is a good presence in the field of business and idea, already: the Berkana rune indicates and favors the realization of a project. If you are considering starting something new, it’s a sign to start right away, but with caution as results will be possible. The fertility expressed by the Berkana rune also indicates that creativity is on the rise.

Inverted Berkana Rune

When inverted, the Berkana rune is an indication of losses and conflicts, and calls for redoubled attention and caution. Red flag indicating problems to continue or even start new projects, mainly due to lack of support; growth is then impeded. Attempts at projects started at this time will not succeed; however, the positive energy of this rune makes obstacles not too permanent or troublesome.

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Her family connection makes the inverted position a sign of conflicts and problems at home, especially among female figures. There may also be the loss of a relative due to health problems. In love specifically, the reversed Berkana rune can indicate crises in the marriage, including betrayals, which can lead to a breakup.

The good health and healing indicated by the rune in a straight position turns into ill health when reversed: there can be ill health or infertility, even miscarriage. Here’s a reminder: it’s a warning to pay attention and be more careful, not an omen of something that will surely happen.

Uses of the Berkana rune

As a fertility rune, the Berkana rune can be used to power new beginnings and complete ideas and projects.

For women specifically, it is a good rune for increasing fertility, ensuring a balanced pregnancy and having a good delivery and postpartum period; It also supports the health of the reproductive system.

Your powers are strongest and most powerful when used to protect, assist, and heal. Used as a talisman, the Berkana rune protects children and teenagers.

For love, it is capable of attracting this powerful feeling and harmonizing family relationships.

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