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Rizz meaning and origin explained while slang takes over the platform

Rizz and “unspoken Rizz” are the latest slang going viral on TikTok, but what are their meanings and where did they come from? If you’re not a fan of Kai Cenat, you probably have no idea.

A new day on TikTok means a new trend, and the latest popular theme on the platform is Rizz.

Tips on how to have Rizz and spice up your Rizz game take over the video app, but if you have no idea what it’s all about, you’re not alone. Comments on videos asking what it is are common. So here’s what we know about it.

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Rizz: meaning and origin explained

Rizz is NYC slang created by YouTubers and Twitch streamers. Kai Cenat. It refers to a man’s ability to impress women, also known as a match, according to Urban Dictionary.

Although it’s only just circulating on TikTok, the term has been around since at least June 2021 and Cenat has made several videos about Rizz.

In July 2021, he launched “Rizz Academy” on stream; his very own “institution” to improve his friends’ love lives by improving their skills with the ladies. Practice makes perfect, so he greeted a few women to “see if they had any game.”

According to Cenat, there are three types of Rizz: W, V, and L, with W being the best and the latter being the worst to avoid.

Everyone on TikTok has different guides on how to achieve W rizz, so choose wisely who you learn from.

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Unspoken rizz is the next level

Unspoken Rizz is a “very rare Rizz,” explains the creator. It’s when a man has the ability to attract a woman just by his physical appearance and he doesn’t even need to talk.

Cenat fans frequently tease him for his friend and co-creator Duke Dennis’ ability to achieve “unspoken rizz” while he initially struggled.

Watch it go down in this video; it made the twitch chat cry with laughter. Everything Dennis did was a gesture and the message was well received:

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Here’s a TikTok of Dennis hyped about his success:

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