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Prayers for a good birth: from a friend, Our Lady of Good Childbirth and more!

Childbirth is an intense moment that requires enormous self-control from women, as they are subjected to contractions, pain, fear and even fear that something bad might happen. The sensations they feel awaken those feelings, which makes everything more difficult.

If you know someone close to you who is close to having a baby, we are sharing with you the best prayers for her to have a good birth, regardless of whether it is a cesarean section or a normal one.

You can use these prayers to help any pregnant woman, either to protect the baby or to speed up the labor that is causing many complications. Each of them offers a type of aid and are very simple, short and quick to do.

Say the prayers right now to help the person next to you and demonstrate this act of faith. This way you will be able to ask for this person’s help so that she has a good birth!

Our Lady of Good Childbirth had its first appearance in the capital of France, in Paris. After that, it became popular in other nearby countries such as Spain and Portugal. Her commemoration date takes place on October 8, and she is responsible for caring for pregnant women and childbirth. Know your prayer below!

You experience difficulties in childbirth, you notice the pain of contractions, difficulty breathing and relaxing. Prayer will serve at that moment for you to be able to find comfort in Our Lady of Good Childbirth, so that she can intercede for her help and can alleviate the pain felt at that moment in your life.

Deliverance will soon happen to those who demonstrate their faith, so recite these words so that you can find the comfort you need. Santa will take on your suffering and will help you in that moment of so much tension and fear, thus allowing you to have a good delivery.

By claiming the name of Nossa Senhora do Bom Parto, you will be making an appeal to the Holy Virgin to intercede in your case, since she did not suffer the pain and discomfort generated by motherhood. Thus, she will understand your anguish and be able to operate on your delivery in order to guarantee the baby’s safety and deliverance.

Perform the first part of the prayer to Our Lady of Good Childbirth when you are in need of her strength to endure this very intense moment in your life.

O Mary Most Holy, you, by a special privilege of God, were exempt from the stain of original sin, and due to this privilege you did not suffer the discomforts of maternity, pregnancy or childbirth.

But you perfectly understand the anguishes and afflictions of poor mothers who are expecting a child, especially in the uncertainties of the success or failure of the delivery.
Watch over me, your servant, who, in the approach of childbirth, suffer anguish and uncertainty.

Give me the grace to have a happy birth.
Make my baby born healthy, strong and perfect.
I promise to guide you my son always along the path that your son, Jesus, traced for all men the path of good.

Virgin Mother of the Child Jesus, I am now feeling calmer and more peaceful because I already feel your motherly protection.
Our Lady of Good Childbirth, pray for me!

The prayer to Nossa Senhora do Bom Parto is divided into two parts, the first serves as a cry, the second is a continuation of the request for the help of the Saint in her cause. Find out how to strengthen her request through prayer for a good birth for Our Lady of Good Childbirth 2 below!

It is indicated that you perform this prayer as a continuation of the first one, this will enable you to strengthen your cry and intensify your request, thus demonstrating all your faith and motivation for the Holy Virgin to operate in your birth. By doing so, you will ensure divine support for this sacred moment.

While you compared the pains and discomforts of childbirth to the non-existence of these problems in your motherhood, now you address Our Lady of Good Childbirth as the precious mother of Jesus Christ.

Aware of your joys and your pain in having your son Jesus crucified, you ask that your birth be successful and that you be surrounded by the love and goodness of the Blessed Mother.

Pray this prayer with the same intensity and will that you did the first part, that way you will get the attention you need to have a good delivery.

Blessed Virgin, virgin before childbirth, virgin during childbirth and virgin after childbirth, such was the work of the Holy Spirit who generated in Your womb the Splendor of the world, Your beloved and precious son Jesus Christ.

Infinite was the joy of carrying in Your arms that pledge of eternal duration, that source of wealth that made You rise even more to that throne that glorified You so much as Queen of Angels.

And because You suffered the most crucifixion of Your Adored Son and in that hour when everything for You was pain and affliction, You never found anyone to console You, if not Your tenderness as a Blessed Mother, at all times sinners need Your love and goodness more than I never eat at that time (GRACE IS ASKED) giving me good success and to all who implore Your Holy Name.

Making a wish on a Saint or Santa determines that you are in need of support for your cause. If so, you are feeling the challenge of pregnancy and the moment of delivery is the climax of this phase in your life.

The pain and complications can be unbearable, you feel like you need to make a wish to Our Lady of Good Childbirth. Learn how to pray this prayer below.

Childbirth can be an intense moment for the couple, as it generates an expectation that can often awaken confusing emotions and thoughts in us. In this condition, we must seek support from something, or someone, to help us relax our mind and end our anguish.

The prayer for a request from Nossa Senhora do Bom Parto can help you or someone who is experiencing these sensations during childbirth. That way you will be able to help yourself and others.

Worries and contractions are already messing with your psychology, in this phase of intense agony you ask for the help of the Holy Virgin to intercede on your behalf. In this prayer, you will be asking for her protection and that of your baby, trusting her with your life.

Take the opportunity to say this prayer during the entire process of giving birth to your baby, as your words will calm you down and allow your baby to be under the blessing of the Holy Mary, mother of Jesus. Below is the prayer:

Holy Mother of Good Childbirth, I come to you to entrust my birth to your protection. Recommend to you the fruit that I carry in my womb, because I trust in your grace with the consideration of a daughter and without the anguish of motherhood.

You who are Holy above all others, protect my baby on his way and so that during childbirth he can be born bathed in the grace of your son, Our Lord, Jesus! So that I can have a safe delivery, I ask you, mother.

Most Holy Virgin Mary, I feel that the birth of this baby will bring joy on the journey through life, to us who are in sweet anticipation of your coming into this world.

While my birth takes place, pour your blessing on me and on my son, dear Mother.

Have mercy on me and my son, because we are devoted servants of your word and that of God. Listen to this humble request from a mother, with doubts and afflictions, who only wants a birth full of grace.

Mother, you who suffered the pain of the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, give me more strength to be courageous in the troubles of pregnancy, take away my anguish, make me calm. Protect me from all illnesses and diseases during the birth of my child, my son.

By your motherly grace, I ask for your intercession on the day of childbirth. To protect you and be perfect and stay away from any illness.

If you ask for immediate help from Nossa Senhora do Bom Parto, know that there is a prayer that can be said one hour before it happens. This prayer will be responsible for helping you in this moment of birth of a new life, it’s not long before you have it in your arms. Say the following prayer to make this dream come true!

While childbirth is a happy occasion to celebrate the birth of a child, it is also a time of intense pain and fear. Complications can arise at any time and to avoid them you can use your faith to ensure that the birth is a success.

In order for you to achieve this result, you will need to say this prayer one hour before childbirth. This way you will have time for it to take effect and the hand of Our Lady to intercede in your case, protecting you and your baby.

First, you will need to ask God for permission so that he will bless your pregnancy and grant a good time for your delivery. Thus, Nossa Senhora do Bom Parto will also be guaranteeing her blessing and allowing the birth of your baby to take place in a way that he will have good health and peace.

The prayer that will allow your child to be born in health, peace and bring a good time for your delivery is described below:

O Savior, Key of David, Scepter of the house of Israel, open for me the doors of a blessed motherhood.
Come grant me a good time of birth. May this child, fruit of Your goodness in my family, be born with health and peace.

Bless the doctors and all those who will take care of us at this time. May this baby be Your sign in the world. I beg you through the intercession of Our Lady of Ó. Amen.
O Jesus, King of the Nations, as You were so desired among the peoples, I ask You for a good time of delivery.

See the affliction in which I find myself, during these months of pregnancy, and grant me an uncomplicated delivery and that my child be born with health and divine graces.
I beg you through the intercession of Our Lady of Good Childbirth.

This prayer is to be said in case your friend’s pregnancy raises some kind of concern for her family members and for you. Especially if she is going into labor and demonstrates some complications in having the baby. Find out more about this prayer so that she has a good birth afterwards.

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