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Powerful Road Opener Ritual with Yellow Candle for Prosperity and Abundance

The yellow candle is the one that will give you the prosperity and abundance that you have always wanted to be part of your life. The color yellow has always represented power and economic prosperity. The ceremony has strong links with the archangel Jofiel, he has always been linked to wisdom and enlightenment.

Perform this ritual on a Monday, preferably in the afternoon. It will be much better if the sky is clear, in this way the power of the sun will be able to fully connect with that of the sail.

Materials that you will need to perform the Open Roads to Prosperity Ritual

2 yellow candles. A ticket with any denomination. A coin of any denomination. some matches a table.

Procedures to carry out the open road ritual for prosperity

Start by putting the candles on the table. The bill will go to the left and the coin to the right of the candles. It is essential that you remember all the adversities and economic problems that you have had in recent months, in the same way, you must also remember all the missed opportunities, do it over 10 minutes.

At this moment, light both candles and imagine that your financial life begins to prosper quickly. You have to firmly believe it, since thoughts have enormous power, and even more so in the aspect of prosperity and financial abundance.

Out loud you are going to pronounce the following prayer dedicated to the archangel Jofiel:

“Oh God Almighty Father who is in heaven, I implore you for help kneeling in front of you. Today I pray to your server, Archangel Jofiel.

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I want you to give me all the wisdom and patience that is required to face difficult moments with complete integrity and courage. Also, I long and wish, from the bottom of my heart, that in my life and that of my loved ones there will always be prosperity and abundance. Amen”.

Then place the two candles somewhere where the sun’s rays will reach them, let them burn down completely. Finally, he repeats the sentence a couple of times and keeps the bill next to the coin in a place that inspires security.

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