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Onion sympathy for love to come back, separate couple, lose weight and more!

Onion sympathy is a way of channeling your intention around something you feel is needed in your life at the moment. Sympathies are also called sympathetic magic, as they work in the energy field of elements, symbols and actions sympathetic to the required objective.

That way, this is an interesting tool to help you focus and maintain your goal. In addition, the sympathy of the onion is related to the processing and strengthening of intentions, making the goal easier to achieve. Get to know some characteristics of onion sympathy and recipes to apply in everyday life.

One of the main characteristics of onion sympathy is its practicality, in addition, of course, to being as powerful as others of its kind. The onion is also a great energy channel, being rich in elements that bring benefits to cleaning and protecting the aura.

Another feature of the onion is its ability to intensify intentions, helping to attract prosperity and health into your life. When used in sympathies and the like, it makes reaching the goal faster. Its layers are also extremely useful for the process.

To carry out the onion spell, it is essential that you try to be convinced of what your intention is, both before and at the time of it. Remember that because this is sympathetic magic, there are a number of factors that make it work or not, including the connection between you and your objective.

That is, there is no point in doing sympathy, for example, to attract money, and complaining every time you pay a bill or go to the market. You have to vibrate in tune with your intentions. Likewise with the famous sympathy to attract love: what’s the point of doing it if you don’t emanate love for yourself first?

So, before practicing this spell, see what are the aspects of your life that keep you away from that goal and eliminate them. Also try to establish behaviors and thoughts that lead you to vibrate in sync with what you want, thus opening your paths to conquest.

The sympathy of the onion is indicated for different situations, due to its particularity of expansion, protection and strength. She is like a joker, who suits the most different situations. Therefore, it is used for the most diverse sympathies and other types of magic or spells.

Some examples of onion use in sympathies are those involving love, protection, cleanliness, passion, luck, body functioning and even good luck. There are also other dubious uses, which must be carefully considered before opting for its practice.

The first thing you have to think about before doing any sympathetic magic is whether there’s no chance for regret. There are some types that don’t necessarily aim to do good or bring good things, so is it worth dealing with the effects of it?

After all, if there is a law that is certain, it is the law of return. Everything you do here, good or bad, comes back in waves to your life, three times stronger. So, think very carefully before doing a spell or any other type of magic or spell.

Another fundamental recommendation for sympathy to work is: get in tune with the objective. How will you attract luck by complaining about everything all the time? Thanks more! How will you attract love if, when you look in the mirror, you only look for flaws? Learn to love yourself first and emanate self-love, and then, naturally, true love will come.

If someone important has left your life and you really want that person to come back, you can choose to make the honey onion spell. Very simple, just a few ingredients, a well-established intention and, of course, vibrating in tune with love – not for the other, but for self-love.

The sympathy of the onion with honey is a magic that aims to sweeten the heart of the loved one and, if he is vibrating in the same tune as you, to make him come back to your life. For this, it is also necessary to understand what pushed them away and take care of these points.

To make this onion charm, you will need:
• 1 small onion, unpeeled;
• 3 spoons of honey;
• 1 piece of pink satin ribbon;
• 1 white candle.

Sympathy step-by-step preparation method:
• In a porcelain or earthenware dish, place the onion in the center;
• Make a cross cut from the top to the bottom, dividing it into 4 equal parts, but without separating the parts at the base – that is, leave about 0.5 cm uncut at the bottom of the onion;
• Open the layers of each of these pieces, forming a flower on the plate – 4 petals, each one in layers;
• Pour the honey between the layers and close again, tying with the pink satin ribbon;
• Light a candle and set your purpose, emanating love for yourself and all creatures.

Onion sympathy is perfect for scaring away negative energies from the environment, or even yourself. More complex, it must be done whenever you feel that things are too heavy, difficult to walk. It can also be used when the mind is very confused and tired, in order to clean the aura and make everyday life easier.

Simply put, onion sympathy against negative energy is a way to ward off low vibrations from your magnetic field, such as envy, the evil eye, anger, sadness and others. See how to do it right.

To make this onion charm, you will need:
• Peel of 1 onion;
• 1 peeled onion;
• 1 black candle;
• Paper and pen.

Sympathy step-by-step preparation method:
• Write, on a piece of paper, all the negative feelings you are dealing with right now;
• Fold the paper with the onion skin inside;
• Place under the peeled onion and wait one hour;
• Light the black candle, remove the paper and burn carefully in the flame, without burning yourself;
• Once the candle is finished, throw everything away and clean the area and objects used.

If you’re dating and you feel the romance is waning, it might be time to take a look at what you’ve been missing. It is normal for the relationship to settle down over time, and the best solution is always dialogue. However, if you want, you can use this onion spell to make your boyfriend want you more. Check out.

With the aim of rekindling the flame in the relationship, this onion charm is a bit of work, but it tends to pay off. Preferably, it should be done on a full moon night, but it can also be practiced at any time.

To make this onion charm, you will need:
• 1 onion;
• 1 glass of sweet wine;
• 3 red roses;
• 1 ripe apple;
• 1 red candle.

Sympathy step-by-step preparation method:
• On a round platter, place the onion and pour the wine over it;
• Place the 3 roses around you, forming a triangle;
• Divide the apple into two parts and place them side by side, in front of the onion, also bathing them in the wine;
• Light the candle and let it burn to the end, throwing everything away afterwards.

For good luck, count on the sympathy of the onion. Very simple, it must be redone daily for a week to take effect. In addition, the ideal place in the house to leave your sympathy is the kitchen, which, in eastern traditions, is associated with prosperity and good luck.

The intention of this sympathetic magic is to bring good luck into your life. This can be related to money too, but it’s not just that. The purpose of this sympathy is greater fluidity in everything that happens in your life. See how to do it.

To make this onion charm, you will need:
• 1 small unpeeled onion;
• 9 cloves from India;
• 5 bay leaves.

Sympathy step-by-step preparation method:
• On a dessert plate, place the 5 bay leaves in a star shape, representing the 4 elements and spirituality, which will be working in your favor;
• Take the unpeeled onion and stick the 9 cloves in the way you see fit;
• With each carnation placed, visualize one thing you are grateful for in your life, always changing;
• Place the onion on the bay leaves and leave it in the kitchen, changing it daily, for a week.

Powerful, this onion charm will help you lose weight, taking away the urge to eat sweets and unhealthy foods. Its principle is based on the logic of sympathetic magic, creating alterations in its magnetic field, in order to change the habit of snacking on food out of turn.

Like all sympathetic magic, it works once you are vibrating in tune with purpose. Therefore, onion sympathy is a tool that will help you lose weight, but that does not work miracles. You have to do your part and eat well, in addition to practicing physical activities.

To make this onion charm, you will need:
• 1 small unpeeled red onion;
• 1 liter of drinking water;
• 3 leaves of holy grass.

Sympathy step-by-step preparation method:
• At night, before going to sleep, collect or reserve the 3 leaves of holy grass;
• Heat the water, without boiling it, and add only 2 leaves, reserving 1 of them;
• Put that leftover sheet under your pillow and remove it the next morning;
• In the water with the lemongrass leaves, kept in the fridge, add 2 cinnamon sticks and the onion and leave a cinnamon stick in your pocket;
• Throughout the day, every time you feel like eating something sweet or leaving your food re-education, drink a sip of this water;
• At the end of the day, throw it all away and repeat the process for 14 days.

You must love yourself exactly as you are – after all, there are many beauties, and you don’t have to follow a pattern. But if your physique still bothers you, the powerful charm of onions to enlarge your breasts can help you.

It must be repeated every day until you get the desired result. In addition, it must be done slowly, even if the arm starts to hurt, but always respecting your rhythm. Check out.

This sympathetic magic aims to increase the size of the breasts little by little, with a slow but sure result. It must be carried out every day, until you have the desired result. The environment must be conducive and it is essential to carry out the…

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